Zayn Malik Battled Eating Disorder and Anxiety

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For mega stars like Zayn Malik, it is difficult to imagine that they would suffer from issues like eating disorders and anxiety. His recently published memoir has thrown more light on his personal life, especially his time with popular band One Direction. A major revelation from that is the mental health problems he has dealt with.

According to a BBC report relayed by the Associated Press, Malik himself wrote about an eating disorder he faced, noting that he was never diagnosed with it. The icon notes that he is only realizing how sick he was now, when he looks at images of himself in 2014.

He admitted this was caused by the very tight schedule of One Direction. The schedule, he said, was so tight that he barely had time to eat.

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Malik’s memoir reveals not only an eating disorder, but also anxiety. It talks about an episode so strong that he was forced to withdraw from the Capital FM Summertime Ball just when it was going to begin. He explained in his memoire that he felt so sick that he couldn’t breathe. The situation freaked him out and in his own words; he was “paralyzed with anxiety.”

With such a difficult situation, Malik conceded defeat to anxiety. He noted that the mental health situation is nothing to be ashamed of because it affects millions of people every day. He noted that many of his fans have certainly undergone anxiety, so he was being honest at least for their sake.

If there is anything people can learn from Malik’s autobiography, it is that anyone can be faced with mental health challenges. It is probable that every major star faces a lot of pressure keeping up with a certain standard expected from their fans, and this pressure leads to some form of mental health problem.

If major stars like Zayn Malik can be humble enough to talk about it, then you really should embrace your own mental health problem and get the help you need.


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