What Will Happen if Obamacare is Repealed?

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The Affordable Care Act, which was passed by Congress and then signed into law by President Obama on March 23, 2010

Healthcare is one industry that many Americans lack knowledge about. Understandably, with intense medical and political language, the system is no longer in layman’s terms.

The reality is that with the passing of numerous health policies, including Obamacare, there were a plethora of new policies that the public eye is blind to. With the recent presidential election, Donald Trump boasted removing and replacing Obamacare. In fact, two days after President Barack Obama’s farewell address, the Republican party began making strides toward the promise of President-Elect Donald Trump in repealing such policies.

In fact, the senate voted 51-48 in favor of a new budgetary policy known as budget reconciliation in efforts of repealing Obamacare. While this is a large stride, the House of Representatives must be on the same page as the Senate in order for any real traction to be made.

In light of this, many are unaware how such a decision could change or impact their life. If Obamacare is removed, numerous policies, not just in the medical field, would change.

Here are 5 things that will change if Obamacare is repealed.

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1. Calorie counts on restaurant menus

Many people may not know, but it was the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, that introduced the idea of restaurants and companies revealing their calories. In fact, the law specifically states that restaurants or companies that have over 20 stores are required to make their calories widely available for customers. If Obamacare is repealed, restaurants and companies will no longer be required to follow this.

2. Work breaks for breastfeeding mothers

Given the financial situation for numerous families around the United States, many mothers are heading back to work quite quickly after giving birth. In light of this, the Affordable Care Act required companies and businesses to give mothers an alternative break to express milk for a minimum of one year after birth. In this, the majority of insurance plans are also required to provide mothers with the applicable equipment for milking with no co-pay. Furthermore, companies also are required to provide a milking room, aside from the bathroom, for more privacy. This could be removed with repealing Obamacare.

3. Balancing hospital bills

The Affordable Care Act also effectively worked to maintain the cost of hospital and medical costs. In efforts to do so, the ACA developed limited assistance to help ease the overwhelming hospital and medical costs. In other measures, the ACA also requires all hospitals, no matter what network they may be associated with, to price according to your health plan for out of network emergency care. This policy is only effective for profit-based hospitals. According to the Affordable Care Act, nonprofit hospitals are required to provide an online financial assistance policy. This document and policy dictates the eligibility requirements for what the nonprofit hospital offers for discount and free care. Now, this policy and law is only viable under the Affordable Care Act. In repealing Obamacare, this policy would be void.

4. Nonprofit hospitals’ efforts

If you did not know, the majority of hospitals in America are nonprofit. With that being said, the Affordable Care Act requires nonprofit hospitals to provide proof of how they are bettering the health and well-being of the community utilizing tax exempt dollars. Given this, there are numerous measures that nonprofit hospitals are required to make such as, performing a community needs assessment every three years and developing and update the plans of action on how they plan to meet the needs of the community. Now, if Obamacare is repealed, this law would effectively end for non-profit hospitals. That does not mean they would stop their efforts, it simply means that by law, they are not required.

5. Therapy costs and coverage

Prior to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies often only covered rehabilitation in therapy costs. This was a financial burden for families with children and people that faced degenerative diseases. With Obamacare, those families were given an opportunity under the policy known as habilitative care.

The future is unclear

The future is not quite clear yet as to what is going to happen. The political climate has been quite muddled with tension and drama over the past weeks with the Presidential and party transition. It’s imperative to note that laws as grand as the Affordable Care Act could take months or years to repeal and yet again months or years to enact a new healthcare program. Currently, there is no clarity or anticipation as to when the entire process will take place. With many republicans seeking a “repeal and delay” approach, Obamacare could be effective for longer than people thought.

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