Top 5 Ways to Combat Eating Disorders

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We all must eat to continue living

Without food, people will die of starvation after just a couple of weeks. But the fact that we have food available doesn’t warrant that we eat just anything and everything we see.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the case with some people in the world. Some people eat just anything that comes their way while others have become so conscious that fear eating even what they should normally eat. In both cases, the people concerned have become addicted to the wrong eating pattern; they have very likely developed eating disorders.

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Eating disorders may seem trivial, but they are known to be fatal in some cases. Patients usually feel very uncomfortable with their body structure. In some cases, they fear they are gaining too much weight, even if they are actually seriously underweight. Eating disorders can severely damage an individual’s self esteem and leave him/her psychologically unstable.

The resulting consequence is that the patient becomes disappointed with himself/herself and gets seriously depressed thinking of how to sort out the problem. It is therefore absolutely necessary to handle eating disorders as soon as they are diagnosed in an individual. Here are 5 great steps you can take.

Identify The Problem

The very first thing you must do to be able to solve your eating disorder is recognize its existence. There is no way you can combat the problem if you do not identify it. Watch out for general signs of eating disorders therefore; irregular eating patterns, trying to do everything possible to hide your eating habits, having extreme concerns about weight gain/weight loss as well as the shape of your body. If you realize these general signs, consider going for an eating disorder checkup. Early diagnoses will greatly help to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.


Get Support From Someone You Trust

In many cases, people with eating disorders are not comfortable seeking help. They may feel embarrassed sharing their problem with other people. If you are one such people, it could be wise to get support from a close friend or relative; someone you trust. If they cannot help you medically, they can at least support you emotionally in this difficult moment. Alternately, you can confide in some respectable member of your society like a religious leader or a guidance counselor. You could even find solace talking with some form of specialist like a nutritionist. Some people are a little more comfortable talking with these categories of people.

Seek Medical Help

Eating disorders are pretty much psychological problems, but their effects can have severe consequences on our physical well-being. Your health could be on the line when you have an eating disorder so it is important to undergo a full medical checkup so that any form of illness caused by your disorder can be diagnosed and taken care of.

Make A Recovery Plan

When your immediate problem is taken care of, you could come up with a treatment plan for the long term. That’s a much more permanent solution to the problem and it will help to ensure that you don’t relapse. Your treatment plan is naturally drawn up by a team of professionals whom you will have to assemble. They could include your family doctor, a nutritionist, a psychiatrist and maybe a social worker; it all depends on your means. These experts will be able to follow you up to ensure that you strictly adhere to the treatment plan they design for you. 


Love Yourself

It is important to go for every step mentioned in this article when you are trying to deal with eating disorders. One thing you will ultimately have to do though is love yourself. You will have to love who you are and stop blaming yourself for what you think are your predicaments. You will need to start trusting yourself again and enjoy life like never before. This would help boost your morals and give you the confidence you need to face the society. It is an ultimate action to take if you must fully recover from your disorder.

Eating disorders are no joke. They are real and can be fatal. Early diagnosis is necessary as it leads to quick and efficient control of the situation. If you suspect that you could have an eating disorder, take our Test My Addiction Assessment


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