Top 5 Sober Activities for Successful Recovery

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When you quit drinking, you have to restructure your day and your habits if you plan on staying sober. Part of alcohol recovery is finding ways to spend your time that are enjoyable and don’t tempt you to drink. These five sober activities may be a great addition to your sober lifestyle.


Not only do sports and other physical activities keep you so busy while you’re playing that there’s no time for a drink, they give you goals to work toward. If you join a soccer league, for example, you can work together with your team toward the league championship. You may also notice health benefits as a result of your active habits: better sleeping patterns, more energy throughout the day, and more strength for doing daily tasks. Exercise also improves brain function and helps prevent depression and anxiety.

Consider your local sports leagues, cycling groups, dance or martial arts classes, or even fitness classes at the gym. Being around a group of healthy people is inspiring, as well. Develop a healthy schedule to avoid addiction relapse, and your fitness activities can be a part of that schedule.

However, take care not to join a group that makes social drinking a regular part of their sports participation. A bowling league, for example, might not be the best choice to help you stay clean and sober.

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Helping others creates a ripple of good in the world, and you feel good knowing you contributed to that. No matter what your interest, there are volunteer opportunities available to you. You might be able to teach job skills to homeless people, assist with animal rescue efforts, or build houses for those in need. Even simply going to a veteran’s home or nursing home and visiting with the residents spreads a lot of joy.

Host Get-Togethers

You can’t ignore your friends during your alcohol recovery, but it can be challenging to attend social functions because many of them revolve around eating and drinking. Create a sober living environment and invite your friends to join you there: host your own sober group activities by inviting people over for a potluck and game or movie night. Ask them not to bring alcohol, just their favorite dishes to share. You’ll have a fun evening together without the constant temptation of alcohol.

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Learn a New Skill

Whether you’re interested in a foreign language, art, or car repair, now is a great time to become a student and focus on acquiring a new skill for personal or professional reasons. An in-person class gives you the opportunity to meet new people with shared interests, while online classes give you more flexibility and freedom to study when you have time and to work at your own pace. Many online classes are also free or inexpensive. (Take a look at Coursera and, of course, YouTube!)

Get to Know Your City

Have you really explored everything your city has to offer? You might live in a place for years but never get around to visiting that museum or walking through that park. Make it a mission to explore every inch of your hometown. Visit the parks, the museums, the shops, the zoos, and the other points of interest. Take videos and photos as you go, and create a blog or a scrapbook about your adventures. You’ll have fun and become an expert on your city at the same time. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how to stay sober, but surrounding yourself with supportive people and having fun sober can help you stay committed to sober living. Make some of these sober activities a part of your new lifestyle and see how they work for you.

Recovery, Shame, Stigma

Recovery, Shame, Stigma

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