Top 5 Prescription Drugs That are Killing Teens/Americans

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Whenever we fall sick and go to the hospital, the doctor prescribes medications after diagnosing what is actually wrong with us. These are the kind of drugs referred to as prescription drugs; medications we are normally allowed to consume, but only when they have been recommended by a health professional. Unfortunately, when doctors prescribe these drugs today, many young people get to misuse them.

Teenagers tend to either take an overdose of a medication or a normal dose of the drug but for a much longer time span than recommended. Drugs may have been prescribed by a doctor, but as we all may very well know, when taken in excess, they could seriously damage our health and even kill us (just like anything else that we consume abusively). Many people tend to be addicted to drugs for different reasons, but the main reason why many American teens abusively consume prescription medication seems to be to relief themselves of pain.

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Today, painkillers are one of the most abusively used drugs by Americans between the ages of 12 and 13, second only to marijuana. Actually, young Americans between the ages of 12 and 17 misuse prescription medication more than a couple of “hard drugs” including heroin, cocaine, crack, ecstasy and meth-amphetamines all put together. The problem is serious and has become a big challenge to the scientific world.

You may be wondering how on earth, these drugs get to the hands of abusers when they were actually prescribed medically. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 70% of teenagers who abuse prescription drugs get them from friends and relatives. Some common reasons why teenagers abuse prescription drugs include; trying to improve their performance in school, being courageous enough in parties, losing weight, and trying to meet up with their peers in the society. But which are some of these prescription drugs that tend to kill many young Americans? Let’s look at 5 of them.


This is one of the medications American teens take to improve on their academic performance. The drug is actually meant to enhance performance in ADHD patients but non sufferers take it to help them improve concentration and get better grades; or so they think. Some people also take the medication to lose weight because it is known to “kill” appetite. Unfortunately, Adderall has lots of negative effects on humans including sleeplessness, and anxiety. It is even sometimes linked to more serious outcomes like heart failure. This naturally ends up in sudden death.


Vicodin is known to have been tried by at least one in 5 American teenagers. Unfortunately, the central nervous system depressant is readily available. Many teens try it together with alcohol and this combination could be lethal to the human body.


This is probably the most common and widely abused prescription drug by teens in the United States. It is actually a narcotic pain killer that contains the enormous opioid Oxycodone. Its potency doubles that of the equally common morphine. The medication has not too different effects to that of heroine and so must be taken in controlled doses. Unfortunately, many young Americans abuse the use of the drug and end up suffering grave consequences including death.


This is one prescription drug that creates a soothing effect on those who take it. In many cases, it is also used as a sedative. Addiction to Valium is dangerous because when an addict tries to withdraw, the brain quickly indicates this and the resulting consequence could be constant seizures.


Xanax is in the same drug category with Valium but is used primarily to treat anxiety disorders. Just like Vicodin, the drug can be deadly when taken with alcohol. Many young Americans unfortunately do just this (combine Xanax and alcohol) without fully understanding the consequences of such combinations on their health.

These prescription drugs are extremely dangerous to human health and they continue to kill many American teenagers who experiment them. The whole problem seems to center on drug addiction. Should you find yourself particularly attached to any of these drugs, it would be in your best interest to redress this attention. These are drugs that kill young Americans every year and you wouldn’t want to be one of the casualties.

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