Timbaland Comes Clean about Prescription Drug Addiction

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“Timbaland is a household name for many music fans. Recognized as a rapper, songwriter, DJ and record producer, he has won awards and had amazing success beginning in the 1990s. With this level of success comes stress and pressure to continue to produce results. It’s not surprising that he has battled drug addiction. However, his story shows the dangers of prescription medication.

The Battle with Prescription Drugs

Timbaland was prescribed OxyContin to treat some problems with an old injury from his teen years. After some time, it became an addiction that led to his loss of popularity in the music world. He was struggling because of the drugs which led to more use to hide from the disappointment and other negative emotions.

The producer went through a period of depression during this time which impacted his drug use. The addiction got so bad his girlfriend was afraid he would die in his sleep. The seriousness of addiction to prescription medication is often overlooked or ignored, but it’s real.

You Need Help?

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For Timbaland, the wake up call came when he had what he calls an overdose. The overdose occurred when he was sleeping and awoke to difficulty catching his breath. At that point, he realized he needed help. His route to recovery came as he came off the medication slowly. He was finally able to stop using the drugs at all.

After getting clean, Timbaland has been focused on being healthier and spending more time in the gym.

Recovering drug addicts and family members of addicts can learn some important lessons from Timbaland. The most important lesson is that prescription medications can also be addictive even when prescribed by a doctor. However, you can get help from an addiction treatment center that includes programs for recovery from prescription drugs.

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