[Amazing Video] Researchers Find Gene to Decrease Alcoholism

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Drinking alcohol is associated with many genetic regulations that control the multiple variations. There are genes that differ among men and women regarding alcohol processing and absorption. Other genes differentiate the effect of heavy drinking on individuals.

While some heavy drinkers suffer liver disease and even death, others don’t. In this video, there is a decrease in alcohol drinking among the British population in the last decade compared to results back from 2004. Researchers recently published in the PNAS the new discovery of a gene that is responsible for variations in alcohol consumption among social drinkers. Some people get one or two drinks, while others continue to drink heavily.

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Researchers at UT southwestern Medical Center and collaboration with European researchers studied 105,000 light and heavy social drinkers to find out the variation of the beta-Klotho gene responsible for the amount of alcohol intake.

In the study, 40 percent of the study group had the less frequent gene variant responsible for less alcohol intake. The β-Klotho gene works with other genes to perform its function. Researchers used genetically modified mice with no β-Klotho gene to choose between water and alcohol where the mice choose to drink alcohol even with intact FGF21 gene.

This confirms the regulatory function of β-Klotho in decreasing alcohol consumption.  The gene functions via a circuit with β-Klotho binds to FGF21 receptor to form a complex that binds to FGF21 hormone to mediate its action on the brain cells to limit drinking.


Eventually this research will benefit people who suffer alcohol abuse problems. Scientists hope that this discovery can lead to novel therapies to limit patients’ alcohol intake to avoid complications on the heart, liver and blood lipids. Drugs that can activate this gene variant are desired to reduce brain craving to alcohol or social heavy drinking.

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