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On September 28, I did my first Peer 2 Peer Support group online via Facebook Live. It was something I wanted to do because I felt there are many people who want support but adversity stops them from going to meetings.

Ten months ago I would never have gotten on Facebook Live to talk about my addiction and recovery. Since then, I have done my first Facebook Live, and posted eight episodes on our podcast channel about my addiction and recovery. Initially, I was hesitant because of the shame I carried. 

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I thought about the shame addicts carry with them because addiction makes the prettiest person do ugly things. My shame was holding me back from connecting to the people who need encouragement and help. I remember typing my bio, I was holding back on telling my story because I wasn’t ready to accept I was an addict.

I thought about the definitions of shame and stigma. In my opinion, shame and stigma are why we have an issue with addiction. Recovering addicts may be reluctant to share their story because of the shame they feel. They may be afraid of being judged by others. Family members of the addict have been through so much that they are ashamed too. The only way we can end the shame and break the stigma is to tell our story.

I think recovery is more than getting sober. It is about inspiring others who battle addiction, who are lost and afraid to take that leap into recovery. Telling my story brings me pride. I will keep telling my story to inspire others and free them from the shame and stigma of addiction. If we just reach one addict at a time, we will start to see a change in the stigma in the battle against addiction.


Turning Your Addictive Mind into an Asset

Photo by YIFEI CHENMost people would agree that there is something very strong and stubborn about the will of an addictWhatever the addiction - Marlboro Lights, vodka tonics, online shopping, chips and oreos, busyness, love interests - one more pill, one more sip, one more bite, one more tinder date, one…

Robert Cooper

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