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Starting the Process

Starting the Process: The First Steps Toward Addiction Recovery

If you’re afflicted with addiction–or have a loved one that is, take comfort. Even if you feel isolated, lonely, or trapped, there is a way out. We can help you find it–and soon.

You’re Not Alone

In the U.S., addiction to a substance or harmful behavior has reached epidemic levels. Recent studies show that over 23 million Americans of both genders and all ages, professions, and income levels suffer from addiction. Many go without seeking substance abuse treatment or other professional help.

That you are here is a courageous first step. As recovery specialists, we’ve helped thousands of afflicted people–and their loved ones–through challenges that felt impossible.

Together, we can provide comfort and information, lessen fear, and help guide you forward, step by step. Just read the below–and give us a call at 888-288-2062.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

A Rehab Facility That Fits Your Needs

Substance abuse treatment comes in many different formats. We’d recommend first learning about a few types–then finding your preferred one in the location of your choice.

Over 23 million Americans of both genders and all ages, professions, and income levels suffer from addiction

You Need Help?

We invite you to take our test – and determine whether or not you’ve got an issue. If you do, read on, and consider contacting us to guide you through steering your life back to normal.

Choosing by Facility Type

There are a few questions to ask yourself first:

  • Do you need to detox? Some substances require a detox period; others do not.
  • Do you prefer a center that’s gender-specific, faith-based, or both?
  • Would you like to be in a center that also assists with psychological issues?
Dual Diagnosis  
This type of treatment is used for people struggling with both substance abuse and a psychological disorder, such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc.
Read more here  .
SMART Recovery  
Non-religious, SMART substance abuse treatment teaches non-confrontational and motivational recovery methods derived from evidence-based (clinically tested) treatments.
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Spiritual or Faith-Based Programs
Faith-based facilities help you overcome addictive behaviors by building a strong relationship with God. Also called the Minnesota model,  this treatment type applies group and individual therapy, family education and support, and other methods to change the way you relate to the world.

Choosing By Location

Do you need to be close to your family? If yes, you may want to choose a local recovery center.

Is your current environment a bad influence–due to friends that may encourage you to use? If yes, you may want to choose a recovery center that’s further away, perhaps even out of state.

Is Intervention Necessary?


You have the power to change and possibly save his or her life

It’s difficult to stand idly by and watch someone destroy their lives with drugs and alcohol. More often than not they are either unaware their addiction is wreaking havoc–or they don’t appear to care.

If you’re here because a friend or a loved one hasn’t yet addressed the fact that they have an addiction problem, you have the power to change and possibly save his or her life. Learn more about the tips and guidelines on how to perform a successful intervention. It could mean the difference between life and death.

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