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Shared Stories


What Are Shared Stories All About?

When you read the story of someone who has struggled with addiction, you may feel less alone. Similarly, when you write your own story of addiction and recovery, you can share it with others and help them feel understood and less isolated.

The writing process can also help you look back on your experiences over time and reflect on your journey toward recovery with all of its ups and downs. It can help you see the deeper understanding you have gained and the progress you have made toward living a healthier life.

New Perspectives & Values

Writing your story and reading the stories of others can help you see the things that are helping with your recovery and sobriety. For example, you might gain a new perspective on something, discover positive qualities you never realized you had, or discover who or what you really value in life.

In addition, writing your story and reading the stories of your peers can help you gain clarity as to who or what is not helping your recovery. This clarity can empower you to take steps to change things and take more control of your life, strengthening your recovery.

You Need Help?

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Community Can Help

Research suggests that sharing recovery stories through writing and reading has much to offer in terms of well-being. Many people feel a sense of relief when they write their stories and an even deeper sense of relief when they share them. This sense of belonging to a community aids in recovery, sobriety, and maintaining a healthier life..

You and your peers in recovery can inspire one another with your respective recovery stories. Your stories provide you with hope that things can change, that recovery is possible and that life can and will get better.

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