5 reasons why people turn to drugs


Drug abuse is increasingly becoming a prevalent social problem in the United States. A lot more people are being swallowed into this dark abyss where some never come out from which has drawn a lot of attention from various spheres of the society. A lot more people are affected indirectly with drug and substance abuse and addiction, whereby innocent children have been rendered orphans and others denied the chance of being raised by both parents. Many homes have been wrecked.

There are several reasons why people turn to drugs and substance abuse. Some are discussed below while some are still being debated on in the search for solutions for this nightmare.

1. Stress

The major reason for individuals to engage in drug abuse is to relieve stress. The contemporary society is full of stressing factors that have never been experience. These include:

The complexity of the society alone stresses individuals almost to the breaking point.

  • Having a family,
  • Supporting the house
  • Maintaining employment.

In combination it is a huge stress factor. To vent out this stress, drugs offer a cocoon where they can temporarily hide from and forget about the stress. The pressure society exerts on the individual is tremendous and unrelenting, forcing people into drug abuse with serious side effects.

2. Illnesses and prescription drugs

Health conditions have forced some individuals into drug abuse and eventually addiction. Some of the illnesses are listed below:

  • Mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety
  • Chronic illnesses like cancer.

Most of those suffering from mental illnesses engage in drug abuse and take alcohol in order to ease their suffering. The burden of mental illness is big and heavy for the patient, making some fear seeking professional help. Some cases render the patient incompressible of the magnitude of the problem.

Cancer patients experience torturous pain which normal doses of painkillers do not relieve. As a result exceeding the normal dosage up to twice or thrice the recommended dosage is a common occurrence. Though the pain has already been suppressed, the urge to keep on taking the drugs remains resulting in addiction.

3. Influence from mass media and peer pressure

This is the major reason for the younger generation to engage in drug and substance abuse. This reason is fostered by the aspect of them being easily swayed as they do not have rigid principles and attitudes. They are influenced in the following ways:

  • Advertisements of alcohol and other drugs on TV, radio and internet
  • Convincement from friends to partake in drug abuse
  • Peers group influence through drug abuse policy image

4. Escaping reality

Many people have undergone traumatic experiences in the past. Some are:

  • Accidents
  • Loss of loved ones
  • War and violence
  • Crime.

People with low self-control have a difficult time coming out of the memories they have experience in the event of the traumatic events. Victims of accidents, violence and crime usually engage in drug abuse trying to escape the haunting memories of the incidents they experienced. Those who lose their loved ones also usually find it hard to cope with the loss and turn to drugs to get some reprieve and a way forward.

Soldiers coming back from war and missions usually experienced gruesome events and harbor haunting memories of the horrors the witnessed. These memories can be toxic and lead to personality breakdowns. To escape this calamity, they find themselves in the den of drug abuse where they forget and try burying the horrific memories.

5. Re-experiences

A lot of people, in their early ages, are aware of the existence of drugs but are afraid to try them out. Later on they gain enough courage to try them out “maybe” once in a party or where they are predisposed. Once they get this experience they perceive of the wonderful high they have keeping away from as a harmless indulgence. They embark the vicious never ending cycle of chasing this “harmless” high, whereby they do not realize the eminent addiction and the harmful effects of taking the drugs.

The hangover and the withdrawal syndrome will always pull them back in when they try to break away from the cycle of drug abuse as the lows are equally as powerful as the highs.


If you, or someone you love, is suffering from a drug addiction, please get help right away. Start the process.

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