Randy Gregory Violates Strict NFL Drug Policy


Randy Gregory

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Violating a drug policy is probably not what the world expected from Randy Gregory, but the Dallas Cowboys defense player did exactly that to earn a longer ban from the NFL.

Gregory, who had already been suspended for four games during the off-season, will now stay away from at least 10 games when the new season starts. This is reportedly the fourth time he is getting into trouble with the NFL for substance abuse policy violations.

It is not exactly clear whether he avoided a test or failed it, but the league considers both cases equal. Gregory’s lawyers have been working on an appeal, and the star athlete has moved to a concealed treatment center.

He has not been expected to show up at the training ground and there is uncertainty whether he will attend upcoming games at all. His coach, Jason Garrett, has been reluctant to talk about the matter even when approached by the media.

Gregory has previously tested positive for marijuana

Last year, Gregory tested positive for marijuana, a drug science has proven will stimulate your system. Whether this stimulation is positive or negative is something science will have to clarify. While marijuana remains illegal in many parts of the United States, some states are beginning to embrace it as what they call “recreational drugs.” But will a dose of this so called recreational marijuana actually make you a better athlete?

Marijuana in athletes

Some athletes say that consuming a controlled dose of marijuana actually helps to speed up their metabolism. Gregory may be one of such athletes given that he’s been in trouble with the NFL a couple of times regarding failed marijuana tests. Science has been able to prove that THC, the main chemical compound in marijuana that makes consumers go high, concentrates on the brain’s receptors, especially those that are linked to memory, sensitivity to time, and the feel good effects of dopamine.  Scientists say they have more than enough evidence to show that these THC effects are bad for the body; even for exercise.

There is probably still a lot to be learned on how marijuana impacts the human brain. Not a lot of research seems to have been done in that domain. It doesn’t mean though that some great research has carried out. Actually, just very recently, medical researchers from Northwestern and Harvard Universities teamed up to carry out a study on marijuana and its impact on the brains of young people. The study published in the journal Neuroscience revealed that the substance impacts key areas of the brain; areas that control important aspects of lives like emotion and motivation.  Simply put, marijuana has the potential to change the functioning of the brain, pretty much to the negative end. This is what may have lit the flame that has now caused Randy Gregory some 10 games at the next NFL tournament.

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