Who We Are

Recovery Rehabs is the nation’s go-to resource for guidance on treatment and recovery from all types of addiction, substance abuse, and mental health conditions. Founded in 2014, our team has over 75 years of combined experience in these areas, anchored in an understanding of behavioral health. Our professionals recognized a gap in the treatment process: we noticed that addiction solutions online were either confusing, intimidating, or both and have utilized technology and processes to connected the afflicted with treatment options businesses like yours provides.

Our brand and marketing intelligence creates an abundance of nutured leads in the form of calls and form submissions from individuals interested in addiction and/or mental health treatment. Our effective customer  funnel targets all regions in the US, attracting all types of populations.


How We Can Help Your Business

Our mission is to simplify the tired and expensive process—to get the affected to understand and connect with treatment options before its too late.

That’s the crux of our mission. 24/7, we’ve got gentle, highly discreet experts to listen to the narrative of addiction and mental health issues and guide toward a solution in a seemless and confidential way.

PPC, Adwords and pay per phone call services, as you probably already know is competitive, expensive and often times ineffictive.  We offer a simple and affordable pricing model for unlimited leads.  Let us do the work so you can focus on helping more clients!


Frequently Asked Questions

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