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Do You Know if Your Teenager Has a Drug Addiction?

Raising a teenager in America has become challenging. This is because, teenagers have become more exposed to the contemporary components of this world.It has become more challenging to tell whether or not your teenager is using drugs, since many of the signs and symptoms of teen drug abuse are also at times typical adolescent behavior. However, there are unique telltale signs that can directly be attributed to drug and substance abuse.The following are signs and symptoms of drug addiction in a teenager.Physical and health signsTeenagers suffering from drug addiction usually experience dramatic physical and health changes. Their physical health deteriorates due to different reasons associated with the abuse of drugs. Consequently, they become more careless about their personal appearance and…

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Is Sugar Addiction Real?

I’m sure you’ve seen the headline somewhere that sugar is as addictive as cocaine. Now, thats a pretty bold statement which led me to some further investigation. I often hear...

Erin Kenney, MS, RD, LDN

The Addiction Killing Women Over 50

Opioids cause respiratory depression With time, our bodies adapt to the effects of the drugs. We override acclimation by taking more. That’s the vicious cycle, and depending on how long...

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How to Know if You Have an Addiction

How do you tell if you have graduated from being a substance lover to an addict? When people become addicted, they cannot control their use of the substance or drug they’re...

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Confused about Probiotics?

Probiotics are all the buzz lately. You’ve probably seen supplements lining the shelves and maybe you’ve started to notice the addition of probiotics to many of your everyday grocery buys....

Erin Kenney, MS, RD, LDN

The Mind-Body-Gut Connection

Have you ever thought about the connection between what’s on your plate and what’s going on in your brain? Although they may seem like two completely different anatomical structures, the...

Erin Kenney, MS, RD, LDN

Is Santa Clause Bad for Your Mental Health?

Santa Claus was a real person St. Nicholas became famous for giving gifts and money to the poor. So the Santa myth is grounded in truth after all, but there’s...

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How Do I Know If My Loved One Has a Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction in the United States continues to increase In just the past 15 years, it is estimated that half a million Americans died from drug overdose. That staggering statistic...

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Top Three Tips to Help You Overcome Depression

There are ways to improve your quality of life every single day Approximately 350 million adults around the world suffer from some form of depression. Fifty percent of Americans with signs...

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