Why People are Receiving Abortion Pills by Mail in Hawaii

Why People are Receiving Abortion Pills by MailTermination of pregnancy can be a major problem for some women. Some have to travel more than 100 miles to the nearest abortion facility to terminate the pregnancy. Some women prefer that no one would judge them while having the procedure. In some countries also abortion is even not available or prohibited by law.

For these reasons, some organizations offer delivery of these medications by mail to women after consulting a physician by phone or online. It is not approved in the US but there is an ongoing study in some states to deliver these medications by mail to women in need of medical abortion.

The study included 12 women in Hawaii, one of them didn’t take the pills while the others didn’t experience any complications and would recommend the pills to their friends. Eligible women had the necessary work up before being enrolled in the study. They talked to a professional health care giver to know about the process and how to use the pills and what to expect after using them. Ultrasound is mandatory after abortion to make sure all the fetal parts have been expelled with no complications.

The pills are easy to use with maximum effect after a day or two which makes them easy and promising. Surely this will be helpful for some women who don’t have access to abortion as long as it is safe and easy.  While the pills are provided by mail to many women all over the world and in different countries, some others oppose the idea as handling such hazardous drugs without appropriate control can have a great risk.

Spokeswoman for Americans United for Life, Kristi Hamrick and president of the National Right to Life Committee, Carol Tobias were among the opposes. If one study results are safe and efficient, it will be hard to control such service.

In the United States, medical abortion is approved before 10 weeks of pregnancy but the patient has to visit her physician to take the pills. Mifepristone is the drug used mainly for medical abortion and some wonders why it is not available in pharmacies among other drugs that are also risky and hazardous instead of taking the pills directly from the doctor’s office. Abortion in the United States has many restrictions and it is a step forward to use telemedicine and deliver the bills via mail.  

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