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Too Old To Quit Bad Habits?

When it comes to quitting bad habits, most of us are quite adept at conjuring up acceptable excuses for putting off what we know is good for us.

A common reason for hanging on to an unhealthy or negative routine is that we are too old to make such a dramatic change. How we come to such an unreasonable conclusion is quite creative, if you really think about it. While we can all agree that aging brings changes, some of them unwanted, there is no need to equate the natural process of our bodies maturing to becoming unnecessarily rigid. We have all tried quitting bad habits before, sometimes more successfully than other times. The fact of the matter is that every person has made changes in their lives without fanfare or excessive drama. But we consider them such minor changes that we dismiss the fact that we consciously decided to change our behavior.

Old Enough to Stop Bad Habits!

Instead of thinking that you have had this behavior for so long that it is impossible to change, think that you now are better equipped for quitting bad habits. You have gained life skills over the years that give you wisdom and experience to better face difficulties and challenges. For instance, if you are a smoker, you have more information and know which resources you can rely upon for assistance. This is going to make you more confident about making the right decision when moving forward. Knowing that you are old enough to make positive changes for your life is a good start, but you need to develop a strategy to reach your goal of quitting bad habits. If you have several habits you want to tackle, you may wish to take them on one at a time.

Our Love of Bad Habits

As mentioned above, you have the maturity and confidence to face habits you have carried with you for years. Even so, knowing that these bad habits are creating adverse effects in your life, there is still a tendency to cling to them. Sticking with the example of the person wishing to quit smoking, after years of this nasty, smelly habit you are used to hacking up black globs of phlegm each morning. Plus the nagging smoker’s cough, the distraction when the need for more nicotine hits you, and the shortness of breath are more persistent. Yet you still smoke, knowing and experiencing all of that and more. That is because smoking is familiar and comfortable. Now, let’s take a look at the best way to start when quitting bad habits

You Need Help?

We invite you to take our test – and determine whether or not you’ve got an issue. If you do, read on, and consider contacting us to guide you through steering your life back to normal.

The Secret to Quitting Bad Habits

It is simply a matter of a change in perspective. Particularly for older persons who have decided to shed a bad habit, creating a new way of seeing an old pattern can totally change your attitude. For instance, instead of complaining that you cannot give up smoking cigarettes, decide that after all of these years of smoking you cannot say you didn’t get enough. For instance, a person who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years will have smoked a total of 146,000 cigarettes! Can you really say you haven’t had enough? You really have nothing to lose (and plenty to gain!) by at least giving it a shot at quitting.

The Next Trick for Quitting Bad Habits

Once you start selling yourself on the idea that you don’t want that behavior anymore, deploy the next trick to quitting bad habits. Start making your bad habit less comfortable and familiar. We cling to behaviors we really do not like because they let us feel comfortable and familiar; it makes sense that if it doesn’t feel so good anymore we are more likely to let it go. For the smoker, find unpleasant places to smoke, preferably in a dark enclosed area so you really reek when you leave. Hold the cigarette with the other hand, smoke twice as fast as usual, and smoke two instead of one. Pretty soon you will find it all annoying and you will be less likely to hang on to the idea of how pleasurable it is to smoke when it isn’t fun anymore.

Bad Habits vs. Addictions

Some habits that we have taken on are clearly detrimental to our health and mental well-being. When bad habits become so deeply rooted that it has control over parts of your life, you are now facing addiction. Because addictive patterns run deeper and are more difficult than just quitting bad habits, professional help is always recommended. In addition to alcoholism and drug addiction from heroin, cocaine, and other illegal substances, we are facing a deadly opioid crisis that is sweeping across our nation. On your own, the battle against addiction is nearly impossible to win. To increase your chances of successfully escaping the addictions that will eventually defeat the strongest fighter, you must enlist and employ professional assistance and guidance.

How to Conquer Addiction

Recovery Rehabs provides patients and their families the professional support, care, and understanding that addicted people need.Our three-stage process has successfully assisted thousands of Americans from all walks of life in conquering their addictions. The three stages are:

  1. Recognize – by taking our online assessment (which is both confidential and free), you can get an accurate determination of your situation, either for yourself or one you love.
  2. Review – once problems have been identified, we employ our treatment finder which is geared toward providing you with recommended options for moving ahead.
  3. Recover – after considering your options, you are better equipped to face and overcome your crisis and gain control of your life once more.

Remember, it is never too late to make your life better, healthier, and happier!


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