New Memoir Tells How Jenifer Lewis Battled Sex Addiction and Mental Illness

New Memoir Tells How Jenifer Lewis Battled Sex Addiction and Mental Illness
Actress Jenifer Lewis recently wrote a memoir telling all about her addiction to sex and her struggle with mental illness. Lewis was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Her memoir is entitled The Mother of Black Hollywood.

Dealing with the Crash
Lewis began her career by performing on Broadway in New York City. In her book, she talks about how it was such a rush to be on stage. After the show was over, she suffered a crash so intense it was much like a drug crash. To counteract this feeling, she would look for men who were interested in sex.
As the trend continued, she would add alcohol afterwards. It wasn’t until the end of the 1980s that her mental disorder was diagnosed. Lewis admits to using sex and alcohol as painkillers. Fortunately, she was able to receive treatment which consisted of a combination of medication and therapy so she was able to build a successful life.

Lewis admitted to having a misconception back then about mental illness that is common with people even today. She assumed that someone with a mental health disorder would be unable to function. As she explained, she thought of straightjackets in relation to mental problems. She also didn’t understand the manic part of her bipolar mood.

It took some time to overcome these issues, partly because she was hesitant to take the prescribed medication for fear of becoming a zombie. This is another concern for many who have a mental illness. They don’t want people to know something’s wrong just because they are not able to function.

The pairing of mental illness with addiction is all too common. In fact, it is often referred to as a dual diagnosis and many treatment centers specialize in this condition. With the right treatment program, a person is able to live a productive, happy life.