What you NEED to know about addiction

People have their own opinions about addiction, but where does addiction come from and how does it start? We should all know that being dependent on anything causes harm to the body, whether it be drugs, medicines, alcohol, smoking or anything which has bad characteristics concerning health.

However, there seems to be an issue of  true understanding and communication when it comes to the root causes of addiction. People can get addicted unintentionally if not seriously in their lives. Addiction can affect anybody in any phase of life, whether it be in childhood, teenage years, middle age or old age, it has equally harmful effects. 

What are the root causes of addiction?

One of the deadliest causes of addiction is the emotional trauma. It can happen due to a mishap, leaving the victim in pain and stress. It may have brought a significant loss to the victim’s life because of losing someone special, facing an accident, confronting a big failure or defying an emergency situation.

A research study in the 1970s suggested the emotional impact of addiction. In the study, rats were restricted to a skinner box containing a lever, which released morphine when pressed. The rats were given the choice to press the lever or simply stop, but they did not stop.

This suggested that such type of drug is destructively addictive. Later, many other scientists also did a lot of experiments and Alexander, one of them, drove the conclusion that a person doesn’t get addicted to the drug itself, but because of solitary imprisonment of any living being. When rats of both the sexes were placed together in the skinner boxes where running wheels and other toys were also installed for them, they hardly had morphine. So, the rats in skinner boxes that died earlier were because of isolation and not due to usage of morphine.  

Underlying causes of addiction

Stress, accident, anxiety, ignorance, failure, loss, jealousy, suspicion, distrust, misfortune, calamity, emotional trauma and pressure have proved to be the underlying causes of addiction. Ignorance is one of the biggest causes of addiction, since a person who reaches the highest point in his life, and has to face ignorance or dejection, shatters down and find nothing in this world except for rejection. He then finds a safe exit by using drugs and getting addicted to it.

We can draw a conclusion here that addiction to drugs is that an isolated environment makes a person adopt these awful habits. The aspects influenced by addiction have ruined the social normalcy of so many people all around the world, which should be controlled and taken care of. Social inclusion has been eliminated from the world of addiction.

Recovery Rehabs - Addiction Statistics

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Addiction Statistics

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are 23.5 million people, aged 12 and up, that need treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction. Out of 23.5 million, there are only 2.6 million (11.2%) who receive professional treatment.

Community Support is Important For Recovery

It is important to have community support after treatment for addiction because it tells the patient he or she is accepted in the society. This takes away any form of stigma that would normally make the former addict feel rejected in his or her community.

Should there be stigma and not support from the community, the person in question will be so depressed that relapsing will be just a matter of days, maybe a few weeks. It wouldn’t be worth anything if an addict goes through with treatment just to get back to point zero simply because he or she was not accepted by his community.

Some communities may not have realized this yet, but their actions almost entirely determine whether one of theirs who got addicted and received treatment will stay clear of his or her addiction. They may not have realized yet that community support after treatment is indispensable in preventing a former addict from getting back to his or her addiction. These addicts do not necessarily like the situation they find themselves in and would like to opt out. Of course, community support plays a big role in making that happen.



It is extremely important that people understand, identify and accept the problem and consequences of addiction so that they can start considering ways of dealing with the situation. It is also imperative that family and friends learn to understand what causes addiction and how community support can maintain a loved one’s recovery. 

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1 The diagnostic terms Substance Abuse and Substance Dependence are no longer used.  These terms were replaced with Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders in 2013 (APA, 2013).  However, at the time of the SAMHSA survey, these were the diagnostic terms in use.
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