Mentally Ill Man Sentenced to Prison for Attempting to Assassinate Donald Trump

Mentally Ill Man Sentenced to Prison for Attempting to Assassinate Donald Trump

Michael Steven Stanford being hauled away after attempting to assassinate Donald Trump; Image Source: The Daily Beast

The Presidential Election of 2016 is known to be one of the most heated and controversial elections in American history. Everyone across the nation was sharing their opinion, spreading as much “political dirt” as they could.

With a divide amongst citizens, hateful comments and bottled tension the dislike of each candidate built to an unexpected level: an assassination attempt. The day was June 18, 2016 – the day that would forever change Michael Steven Sandford’s life.

On this day, Michael Steven Sandford decided to take action toward his dislike of Donald Trump at one of the candidate’s campaign rallies. On the day of the event, Sandford tried to get an autograph from the now president-elect.

Upon reaching proximity of Trump, Sandford attempted to take an officer’s weapon. He said, “I tried to take a gun from a policeman to shoot someone with, and I’m pleading guilty.”

In that moment, Sandford was arrested on the spot and removed from the arena.

Upon arrest, Sanford released the plot of his plans. Daniel White, writer for Time magazine, documented that, “Sandford told a federal agent that he drove from California to Las Vegas with intentions to kill Trump, and that he practiced at a gun range with a 9mm pistol the day before the attempt.”

Upon further research and conclusive evidence, U.S. District Judge James Mahan deemed the entire event at fault of Sandford’s mental illness. It was discovered that Michael Sandford suffered from anxiety and a form of autism. During the event, a psychiatrist determined Sandford was heavily influenced and delusional.

Due to the severity of the situation, Sandford could have faced up to 30 years in prison. Of the more serious charges, being an illegal resident with possession of a firearm, it was dropped with further investigation.

Upon conclusion, Michael Steven Sandford was given a sentence of four more months in prison with the expectancy to eventually be deported back to England where his family resides.

During the trial, Judge Mahan told Sandford and the courtroom, “It’s important you stay on your medication. You family’s waiting for you. You want to get back to England.”

To this day, Sandford has been in prison for six months – with the current sentence, he could be released as early as April.

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