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Stress and Mood

Can Stress Ruin Your Life?

Are you stressed? You might have noticed it’s much harder to get out of bed in the morning. You might also have problems falling asleep or staying asleep at night. You’re short with your coworkers and employees. Work that used to seem so easy now seems impossible. Tasks keep piling up, and you always feel behind. Even worse, your friends and family are hesitant to approach you, for fear you might snap at them for the smallest reasons.

Stress and mood are partners in crime. The more stressed you feel, the harder it often is to keep tabs on your mood. Constantly feeling mentally drained and physically spent, you might think there’s no way out – but there is.

What Affects Stress and Mood in Daily Life?

Everyone experiences hard times in their life. It’s when problems occur daily that you might start to see the impact on your health. Many factors result in chronic stress, many of which can affect your life daily. Feeling overwhelmed at work and/or working long hours, problems with relationships (friends, family, coworkers), financial struggles and more can make stress a constant burden. Often, you cannot simply walk away from the things causing you pain. You can’t not show up to work on Monday. You can’t just ignore your loved ones. This can make it all seem like too much to handle. When you feel that stressed with little to no relief, it can affect you both physically and mentally.

How Stress and Mood Impact Mental Health

Feeling stressed isn’t just a mental barrier – it can cause physical strain, which can worsen mental health. Stress can make you feel physically fatigued, which can make you irritable and unable to deal with your emotions. This is even more of a challenge for those who deal with mood disorders, because they find it more difficult to control how they are feeling and how they react to certain unfavorable situations.

Handling Stress and Mood Problems in Recovery

Sometimes the best way to confront problems you are facing in your daily life is to step out of your normal routine and handle one problem at a time. When you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, getting into the right mindset to be able to tackle the root causes of your stress and mood is hard. Seeking professional help, whether inpatient or outpatient, can help you come to a place where you are ready to fix what is broken in your life.

A treatment program focused on mood and behavior can help you regain control of your relationships, your physical health and your stress. Working with a professional, you can identify the things in your life causing you the most stress and work on the best way to improve those areas of your life. Your mental and emotional health are important in living a healthy life.

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