How Mental Health and Romance are The Roots of Happiness

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Did you know that mental health and romance are some of the most important factors that can determine how happy we get to be?

That is the finding of a study carried out by researchers of the London School of Economics. You may be asking yourself, “How is this possible? What is the link between mental health, romance and happiness?”

Well, these are probably the same questions that led the researchers to carry out their study in the first place.

The study

The entire study was based on survey data from Australia, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom. More than 2000 people answered questions on their satisfaction in normal life compared to economic growth. To better understand their findings, the researchers sought to know key factors about their mental health and romance, and how these factors could lead to happiness.

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The findings

The study reveals that mental health has the biggest impact on a person’s happiness. Depression and anxiety also play a role, but having a partner does the magic. The researchers found out that your childhood days could play a significant role in your happiness today. They note that this factor is much more important even than just being financially upright.  

Mental health and romance are major aspects of our lives. Money is another important necessity, but as the saying goes, it really cannot buy happiness. People generally think that with money, everything is possible. However, more mature people who know what they’re looking for in life will want to secure love.

Several factors lead to happiness, but being mentally stable and in good romance certainly have a greater impact on our happiness. While it is established that mental health and romance are the roots of happiness, it is extremely difficult to point out exactly what makes other factors less favorable for happiness.


Did you know an addiction can be caused by a mental disorder?

One of the primary reasons that mental disorders and substance abuse so often go hand-in-hand is that drugs and alcohol can provide an escape from the pressures of mental health problems. Self-medicating is surprisingly common: you’re not alone.

But unlike real, effective, long-term solutions, such as medication and detoxification in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol won’t amount to effective treatment.

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