How To Tell If Marijuana Is Taking Over Your Life

Do you know if marijuana is taking over your life?

Many consumers have become completely dependent on the drug but do not even know this. Experts say identifying an addiction is the first step in dealing with the problem. But quite often, it takes a friend or relative expressing their worry about your consumption to hint you of a possible problem.

There are a couple of signs that will warn of a dependency problem. Let’s look at some of the warning signs.

You consume more to get the same effects as before

One key factor that can determine if marijuana is taking over your life is whether or not you are taking more than the normal dose to get the same “high.” When an individual is initiated into weed, he takes just a few puffs and gets all the sensation he needs. As time goes on, the individual may need to take double or triple what he/she initially took to get the same amount of sensation.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, this tolerance is the most obvious of a series of marijuana addiction warning signs.

You can’t control your consumption

Have you promised yourself and others that you would stop or at least reduce your consumption, only to discover that you couldn’t quite fulfill that promise? If that is the case, then weed is taking over your life. In some cases, you will go as far as lying about your intake so that concerned friends and relatives do not feel the need to be worried.

These are clear proofs that you do not have a life of your own. You cannot interact normally with loved ones because you do not want them to talk about your addiction.

You ignore your responsibilities

One of the downsides of marijuana is its ability to make you focus so much on it that you begin to forget other responsibilities. Excessive weed consumption can actually impair your ability to focus on your studies or on your job. With such effects, you cannot perform well in your normal day to day activities; you could get kicked out of your job or school in just a short while.

When weed starts preventing you from performing well in your job site or in school, it is a clear indication that the drug is taking over your life.

Weed is no doubt a dangerous substance and it is clear that those who take it constantly and abusively will face negative consequences. Some people get so addicted to the drug that they are ready to consume it even when they know that it will cause them some sort of trouble. That goes to show just how far some people have lost control of their lives to marijuana.

Is It a Hidden Addiction or Mental Disorder?

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