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Mandy Saligari is an addiction, relationship and parenting expert and clinical director and founder of charter harley Street, leading treatment facility for addiction, trauma and mental health, where she practices as an addiction and relationship therapist.

Married with three children, Mandy has worked in the field of addiction for 20 years. She also lectures as part of the PSHE provision within Independent Schools on addiction, emotional coping mechanisms and self-esteem.

She is passionate about helping people live healthy, happy addiction free lives and preventing addiction running through families and society.

A charismatic, straight talking dynamo, Mandy has an almost uncanny ability to read body language and uncover what people are trying to hide – even from themselves. This along with her avoidance of therapy speak makes her popular with the most cynical addicts and great for media.

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Her popularity as media spokesperson on addiction, parenting, relationships and mental health is fast growing and includes recent interviews on BBC 1 Six and Ten O’clock news about the legalisation of drugs, a double page spread in The Times about parenting teens and cannabis and expert opinion and advice for the likes of the Daily Mail, Men’s Health and Woman’s Own amongst others.

She is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and recently debated drug policy with Professor David Nutt on BBC Wales and You can see Mandy’s amazing TEDx talk ‘Feelings: Handle them before they handle you’ on YouTube. Mandy confirmed her talk was completely ‘on the fly’ NO SCRIPT, NO PREP… she just showed up and did her thing, from the heart. Watch this inspirational talk on Youtube, it could just change your life!

Mandy’s passion for helping people achieve mental health, stability and self-esteem is what drives her and she loves her job, an enjoyment that shows through in the fun and laughter she manages to make part of therapy at Charter.

Her work with teens and families and talks in schools led to her being invited to the 2012 Women of Year Awards.  She believes you can spot a potential addict by seven years old and parents need to recognize this and parent children to minimize the chances of an addictive pattern evolving.


Here are some of the questions we asked Mandy

1. What made you decide to do this interview today with your busy schedule?
2. What else do you do in the Recovery community to bring the message of experience, strength, and hope?
3. Are you someone that believes in the 12 steps?
4. What has worked best for you in achieving sobriety?
5. You did a special with celebrities in therapy, Do you think celebrities/anchors have a different struggle then others battling addictions?
6. Is there more scrutiny being a celebrity ?
7. What would you say to a young person thinking of exploring with drugs?


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