Do You Know the Symptoms of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is often treated differently than drug or alcohol addiction. People assume it isn’t a real condition but an excuse for inappropriate behavior. While some people may use the disorder as a license for their behaviors, most addicts understand that the condition is real and one they cannot overcome on their own.

People with a sex addiction are often adept at hiding their condition from others, including the people they work with as well as family and friends. However, sex addiction will most likely interfere with their daily lives if left untreated.

Symptoms to Recognize

If you know someone who you think may be a sex addict, you will want to look for the following symptoms. If you happen to be the person exhibiting these signs, you should seek out help for your addiction.

A person who suffers from sex addiction may do one or more of the following:

  • They will think about sex constantly, and these thoughts may interfere with duties and responsibilities
  • They may have sexual relations with multiple people, even strangers
  • They will feel the need to lie to others about what they’re doing
  • They will seek out sex even when it’s dangerous
  • They need to be dominate or in control during sex
  • They usually feel guilty or have thoughts of remorse after an encounter
  • Other relationships may suffer

Sex is no longer pleasant for the person except to deal with the craving they experience. Many times, they feel bad after the encounter but are unable to change their behaviors.

If these symptoms are familiar to you or a loved one, you need to find a treatment center that deals with sex addiction. With care, you can overcome this condition and experience sex in a normal way again.