How Do I Know If My Loved One Has a Drug Addiction?

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Drug addiction in the United States continues to increase

In just the past 15 years, it is estimated that half a million Americans died from drug overdose. That staggering statistic adds up to about 91 people in the U.S. every day, dying from opioid overdose.

Given the current opiate epidemic, there is a growing fear of death by drugs among Americans. In light of this, it is essential to become aware of the signs and symptoms of drug addiction, and how they may be present in your life with your loved one, before it’s too late.

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The rising epidemic

In America, the most frequently abused drugs are pharmaceuticals (prescription drugs). These drugs are also notoriously known to be the most dangerous. Opioid medications include fentanyl, hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine and even propoxyphene. These drugs can all be prescribed by your doctor. However, the street availability of such addictive substances can be downright frightening, especially because of how addictive they are.

Many people progress to addiction after starting a prescription, while others use opioids recreationally from the start. Either way, health professional know that the use of opioids often leads to addiction, and sadly accidental overdose. Given this context, many researchers have created a connection of quality and impact to that of heroin. In light of this, the addiction to opioids is being called an epidemic, with deadly results.


5 signs your loved one may have a drug addiction

1. Extremely suspicious

The reality is, you know when your loved one is acting strange. If it is your partner or your family member, you most likely have a fair idea of their everyday habits and actions. If you are noticing a trend of more suspicious behavior and activities that causing your stomach to churn – this is a big red flag.

In many cases, loved ones feel embarrassed of their behavior and don’t feel comfortable sharing their recent decisions. In many cases, drug addictions lead individuals to make poor law-breaking decisions that, in the shame of being able to communicate such decisions, cause them to make more poor decisions. If you are noticing extremely suspicious behavior, the best option is to begin a conversation with your loved one and open the line of communication. Don’t assume there is a problem but allow for your loved one to understand how you feel.

2. Reckless mentality

In many cases, when an individual has become addicted to a certain drug, their mentality goes from rational to irrational. People who are drug addicted become so accustomed to the high of their drugs that they tend to seek new avenues to that high. You may notice that your loved one has exuded some reckless mentality that is unlike their normal nature.

If this is the case, communication is essential! Whether you are talking directly with your loved one or attending a support group – communication is key.

3. Lack of control

If your loved one is showing habits of a lack of control, which seems to be unlike the sort, this is a common symptom of drug addiction. This can be seen in different aspects of your loved one’s life, and while some signs are apparent when driving, at work, or simply everyday actions, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the behaviors of your loved one.

4. Money and materials disappearing

Those who suffer from drug addiction often pawn household items to generate money for more drugs. Without the drugs, they may suffer withdrawal – a major driving force of the theft. Prior to getting to this point, addicts often spend the money they do have on drugs. But then without another high, they are forced to suffer through the low of withdrawing.

This is oftentimes very painful, causing them to take whatever they can in order to get their next high. If you are noticing a loss of personal items, or money, talk to your loved one immediately.

5. Lack of priorities

There are life priorities that must be taken care of every day. These priorities can range from work, bills, loved ones, food and so much more! When people become addicted to drugs, they tend to lose focus on what matters in life.

Rather than living a healthy and focused life, those addicted to drugs are focused on how to get the next high. Most drug addicts will not want to do the simple things in life that most of us do regularly to maintain our happiness and stability. When people become addicted, they oftentimes lose interest in hobbies, work, and other priorities of a healthy life.

If you notice that your loved one is losing focus on the priorities of life, you need to begin communicating or seek help.


Don’t just stand there and watch

While none of these signs mean that your loved one is a drug addict, they may be indicative of a serious problem. In many cases, drug addicts cannot reach out for help because their addiction prevents them from communicating with you. Rather than just standing by, address any of these five signs of drug addiction today.

Curious to see if your loved one has a problem with drugs? Take the test!

Over 20 million Americans have a serious addiction, but sometimes the warning signs are missed. If you suspect that your loved one is suffering from addiction, then take our free 3 minute assessment.


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