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how to know if youre addicted

How do you tell if you have graduated from being a substance lover to an addict?

When people become addicted, they cannot control their use of the substance or drug they’re addicted to even if it proves to be dangerous to their lives. One sure thing is that addiction negatively impacts its victim. Unfortunately though, a good number of addicts barely know the potential danger they face. So how do you tell if you have a substance dependence problem? Let’s look at a few symptoms that could help.

You need more of a dose to get your usual effect

Everyone who consumes a drug or substance has a particular goal to achieve. There is a particular effect the substance eventually produces on their system each time they consume a certain quantity. As time goes on however, these individuals may get to realize that the same quantity that stimulated a reaction in them no longer has the ability to do so. They realize that they may have to take double the initial dose or even more to get that same effect. If you do drugs or any other substance and realize this, you probably have crossed the addiction line.

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You find it difficult to quit even if you really want to

Every abusive substance consumer at one point starts feeling the desire to stop. Whether as a result of pressure from family and friends, or the negative impacts the substance has on them, consumers at one point or another start making an effort to stop. If this is the case with you and you find it difficult to stop consumption, then you probably are addicted to the substance. This is particularly disturbing because with addiction, you risk undergoing some bad things in life; you may lose your friends and family, and your job, as well as get into trouble with the law. All of these you try to stop but because you are addicted, you just can’t.

You can’t stop thinking about the substance

Substance abuse is usually the result of some social problem an individual may encounter. As he/she gets deeper into the drug, dependence sets in. The individual starts noticing that he/she cannot survive without the substance. When you get to this stage, you start thinking of many things; things like how to get more when you run out of stock, how good you will feel when you take the substance, or even how bad its immediate side effects will be. Once you start realizing that you just can’t stop thinking about your stuff, know that you are entering the addiction territory.


You find yourself hiding the effects from others. 

One sure symptom of an addiction is you doing everything possible to prevent the society from noticing that you have reactions to the substance you consume. That naturally means that you are aware of the fact that the substance is changing you negatively; and because you are already addicted, you know that people will realize these negative changes in you. Your best shot therefore is to struggle to hide them from the public. That’s a perfect symptom of an addiction. There are certainly other things that can happen to tell you of your addiction status. Shunning personal hygiene for example is typical of people who are addicted to drugs. Also, you may start having financial problems as a result of your substance consumption. In some cases, you could even result to stealing. All of these go a long way to show that you have become totally dependent on the substance; you have become heavily addicted.

You might be in such circumstances and you think all is lost. That’s not exactly the case. If you really need a solution to your problem, your path to recovery starts by taking our Test My Addiction Assessment. From there you can be guided on how to get the ultimate solution should you be diagnosed with an addiction.


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