Meet Khalil Rafati: an ex-drug addict who became a millionaire!

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Khalil Rafati overdosed on heroin nine times before he quit drugs for good. Thankfully, that’s only where his story begins. He used to make money selling drugs, and became hooked on them himself. Now he sells smoothies — and makes millions doing it. But his road to success was anything but easy. It took years for him to climb out of “rock bottom.”

While he was still a resident in a sober living facility, Rafati created a superfood smoothie, the Wolverine. His fellow patients were the inspiration for the recipe.

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“Lethargy in early sobriety is pretty brutal,” he told the New York Times. “Especially if you’re coming off a long run with hardcore drugs.”

The smoothie was meant to provide energy and strength to those like himself recovering from many years of drug abuse and overdose. It eventually became the signature drink for his ultra-successful juice bar chain, SunLife Organics.


Over a decade after his final heroin overdose, Rafati is a business owner and multi-millionaire. If it weren’t for his drug addiction and recovery, he never would have gone from selling drugs on the streets to making millions of dollars selling juices, smoothies and shakes.

He’s not hesitant to share how grateful he is for working hard to overcome his addiction.

“By the Grace of God I am here,” Rafati wrote on Instagram beneath a photo of him standing outdoors, grinning from ear to ear. “Being sober has turned my life into such an incredible miracle.”

You, too, can experience life without addiction. Just because you’re struggling now doesn’t mean you can’t overcome it. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can start things over. Like Rafati, you can transform tragedy into triumph. You can still make a difference in the world. Addiction isn’t where your life ends. It’s just another chapter detailing your journey — but it’s only the beginning of your story.


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