Jim Carrey accused of the death of his former girlfriend

Jim Carrey Lawsuit Opens Up Prescription Drug Addiction in the U.S.

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Drug addiction is an epidemic in the United States, affecting the young and old as well as the rich and poor. “People use according to psycho-social stressors,” stated Kevin Hill, addictions psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School’s McLean Hospital. “Celebrities might have slightly different stressors, such as fame, but they use drugs like regular people – they just use better drugs.”

Jim Carrey – one of America’s most popular comedians – has recently been under fire for a lawsuit that has been raised against him for the suicidal overdose of his 30-year-old girlfriend Cathriona White last year, revealing the drug problem in America does not discriminate against Hollywood’s elite.

Wealthy celebrities are no stranger to drug abuse, with stronger, better drugs available to them due to their socioeconomic status. Carrey is being sued because he is accused of obtaining illegal drugs and providing them to his former girlfriend.

White’s estranged husband Mark Burton filed the lawsuit this past September. Burton’s lawsuit claims that not only did Carrey provide his girlfriend with illegal drugs, but he received the pills under the false name Arthur King. The lawsuit states that the pills that caused White’s death came from three bottles with the name Arthur King found near her body.

Carrey had denied any allegations that connect him to White’s pill-induced suicide, stating that “Cat’s troubles were born long before I met her and sadly her tragic end was beyond anyone’s control.”

Unfortunately, White’s story is not an uncommon one among those with a strong presence in the public eye. In recent years, many celebrities such as Amy Winehouse, Prince, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson struggled with drug abuse before losing their lives.

Dr. Deni Carise, the Recovery Centers of America’s chief clinical officer, even claims that some doctors make a living by “selling prescriptions,” which can be rather profitable when dealing with celebrities with no shortage of cash.

The prescription pill epidemic in America has picked up steam within all spectrums of society. The rich and famous have the funds to pay doctors to sell them pills illegally, and doctors with morality are still unsure if their patients truly need a pain reliever or simply want to feed a drug habit.

With more rehabilitation resources available to celebrities, it is important for those under constant surveillance of the media to seek help and use their fame as a platform to educate the public about the dangers of drug abuse and the importance of treatment.    

Did you know an addiction can be caused by a mental disorder?

One of the primary reasons that mental disorders and substance abuse so often go hand-in-hand is that drugs and alcohol can provide an escape from the pressures of mental health problems. Self-medicating is surprisingly common: you’re not alone.

But unlike real, effective, long-term solutions, such as medication and detoxification in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol won’t amount to effective treatment.

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