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Mayra Leal


1. What has been your greatest thing you’ve learned so far in your sobriety walk?
2. Do you believe in the “Hit Rock Bottom” philosophy of getting people to treatment?
3. You had a leading role in Daniel Baldwin’s Award Winning Film “The Wisdom to know the Difference”. What impacted you most in filming it?
4. What are your thoughts on intervention and on tough love?
5. Do you feel its harder, to stay in recovery as a celebrity or person in the public eye?
6. How has your life transformed since you’ve been sober?
7. What makes you the most happy now?
8. What do you aspire for the future? Will you do more roles related to recovery or portray those in recovery?
9. What have you found that has worked the best for you in recovery?

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10. What does “Living in the moment” mean for you?
11. Dr. Wayne Dyre just passed away; in a previous conversation you said he was one of your favorite authors; why? What kind of things did you learn or enjoy or reframed your thinking in general or in particular related to staying sober or peace of mind?
12. What is one piece of advise you either remind yourself over and over again and / or you’d give to another young aspiring actress / model?

This concludes another exclusive interview for recovery today magazine and remember if you’re listening and either you, or someone you love needs help, whether its the first time or the 13th time, help is just a phone call away.


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