Are your friends toxic to your rehabilitation?

friends toxic to your rehabilitationAre your friends toxic to your rehabilitation? Have you ever found yourself the victim of other people bitterness, scantiness, or insecurities? These are questions which we often think of. People around you can transform you in more ways than you know. There are ways your environment can drag you.

We all know that to be successful in life, we need to associate ourselves with a lot of friends. We are all aware how important our friends are but we could also not neglect the fact that friends do have a significant impact on your social life.

There would be various things a person tries to change such as body weight. If you are seeking to lose body weight then it will be a lot harder if the people around you are consuming junk food every day. If you are trying to think emphatically, then it will be a lot unyielding if you hang out with pessimistic people all the time. Life becomes easier when you delete the pessimistic people from it.

Secondly, if you are trying to give up any addiction such as drinking, smoking, etc. Then it will be a tough job for you to quit it due to the environment you live in. Your friends probably be smoking right in front of you and as a recent addict you might want to join them and when you would, all your efforts goes in vain. At that moment in life maybe you will realize the fact that society, environment, friends are the main reasons behind your problem.

What can you do?

  • There is no choice of leaving your friends or avoiding them is not an option. But there is a way for us to solve our matters regarding rehabilitation.
  • The first could be to stop letting people drown you with their negativity. Compliance is a choice. Choose intelligently. Be wise enough to jaunt away from the antagonism around you.
  • Secondly, stop people bully you. Bullying is not right. No inflexibility on earth that gives someone the right to assault you on who you are as a person. Have the nerve to stand your ground and never be in pressure to be like them to end the tyranny.
  • Furthermore, stop letting friends be untrue to you. Someone who loves you just the way you are and encourages you to change is the definition of a true friend. So think smartly and choose your friends wisely.
  • Moreover, stop letting the wrong people get between you and the right ones. Do not let people interfere with your decisions a lot. Spend time with those who make your world a little brighter simply by being in it.  
  • Once you let go of pessimistic people, positive ones appear. The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. Do not let pessimistic and noxious people rent space in your head, raise the rent and kick them out.
  • Advancement is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything. Do not be afraid of change; it is leading you to a new beginning.

There is a phase in every person life in which he decides to change himself. In this stage, he tries to abstain himself from small things in his life which bother him or which he thinks, he needs to change. But there are a few people in your life that would interfere in this decision of yours because they are important to you. Individuals who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.

Lastly, if you just got out of rehab, you should make it a priority to cut ties with people who will cause triggers in your addiction or even bring your addiction (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc) around you. Maintaining your recovery should always be a priority, as you are the only person that has control over your new lifestyle change.

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