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Our sites are updated daily with new content and articles, attracting new leads that we pass on to you. By verifying and updating your custom profile, you can maximize your visibility, and attract more leads directly to your business!

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Track key performance indicators from your dashboard

We understand the importance of ROI on your marketing spend and we have developed a dashboard with complete visibility into how we are performing for you. You can track your profile views, calls and contact form submissions on any device.

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Signing up is free and easy. Simply fill out the form below to tell us who you are. If we don’t have a profile already created for you, we will create one!

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Enhance your presence by creating a Premium Profile. A Premium Profile improves the presentation and visibility of your profile to attract more leads through vivid imagery and content, as well as priority placement in our search results.

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Once you’ve created your Premium Profile, you can sit back, and let us do the heavy lifting. Leads will be forwarded to a destination number and email of your choice. It’s that easy!

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Customizable profile

Upload your own logo, photos and video to create a profile that reflects your center.

Analytics & leads dashboard

Track your profile views, leads, and contact submissions all in one convenient location.

Mobile & email lead alerts

If your center is contacted at anytime, you will promptly receive mobile and email alerts.

Priority search ranking

Premium profiles are ranked higher on our searches and seen by more people.

Guest blogging

All premium users are able to submit 2 blogs per month that promotes mental wellness..

VIP access to future releases

We have some great ideas in the works and you'll be the first ones we share it with!

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