Eat Whatever the F*ck You Want this Holiday Season

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Good news!!! 

You can eat whatever you want this holiday season and stop worrying about your pants bursting open at the seams.

I personally look forward to these buffet-style feasts every year because I LOVE to eat and comfort food always puts me in my happy place :-). However, in years past I used to worry that indulging in this plethora of food cooked from the heart would somehow make an instant difference in my waistline. Just another example of how our perceptions are not always a reality. Just three years ago, I was completely addicted to drugs and alcohol. Aside from my addictions, I was also eating terrible foods that were cheap, processed, and filled with empty calories and tons of sugar. Exercise and nutrition were the last things on my mind. I didn’t care about the contents of the food I was eating nor did I stop to consider what the ingredients, or lack thereof, were doing to my mind and body. I just ate to survive and the results of my poor food choices were made evident through my sexy Pillsbury doughboy physic. I even reached a point where I could only eat soft foods because my Opioid addiction had wrecked havoc on my stomach and it was almost impossible to digest solid foods.

I admit, getting sober was the hardest things I ever did. It makes eating healthy diets seem like a piece of cake, pun intended. LOL! In my recovery, I practice some simple daily routines and nutrition habits that helped me transform my doughboy body to a YEAH BOYEEEEE body! My complete transformation was 80% diet and 20% exercise so it’s safe to say that my diet played a huge role in my before/after. I completely changed what I ate when I got sober and here’s what how I did it.

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My new diet cleared my mind, reduced my depression and anxiety,sky rocketed my metabolism, and completely changed my body inside and out. I was able to sleep better, I had more energy, I was motivated to do things I enjoyed, and I could keep up with my very active son for the first time. Every aspect of my life improved including my sex life…YAY ME!


Processed foods such as fast food,frozen food, junk food, pretty much anything in a box or package. Fried foods are of course no Bueno, but the biggest culprit of them all is sugar. BOOOOOOO! Sugar is thedevil. According to research by Dr. David Ludwig, M.D., Ph.D., the part of the brain that lights up is the very same part of the brain that’s triggered by cocaine or heroin. Eating high-sugar foods lights up the brain on an MRI “like a Christmas tree”, Dr. MarkHyman, M.D., founder and medical director of UltraWellness Center,said during a recent interview HuffPost Live.

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Processed foods and sugar in general spikes the blood sugar. The human body was never designed to ingest the amount of sugar I was consuming. When you load yourbody with sugar your body rebels. The consequence of this overload has an enormous negative impact.

My body was creating hormones that were impacting my brain in a negative way. Brain fogs, depression, anxiety, restlessness, are just a few of the horrific side effects I was experiencing from consistent sugar consumption. Moreover, metabolically sugar sets forth a negative chain reaction of unhealthy events. Weight gain, lack of energy, acne, bad sleep, low libido, plus many other ailments.


Cut the following things out of my  diet – SUGAR (soda, fruit juice, milk, yogurt, candy, granola, flavored coffee, iced tea, most protein bars, canned fruit, baked beans, cereal bars, bottled smoothies, processed breakfast cereals, fruit) PROCESSED FOODS (pasta, bread, granola bars, flavored nuts, fruit snacks, margarine, frozen dinners, breakfast sandwiches, chips) FRIED FOODS (pretty much anything dropped in a fryer) DESSERTS (cookies, cake, pie, ice cream, cupcakes, donuts), and of course….ALCOHOL (yes that includes the one glass of red wine a day is good for you to bullshit).I stopped living to eat! I simplified everything. With the guidance of my good friend, mentor, and personal trainer Todd Smith, I created a daily meal plan that was simple, easy to follow, and inexpensive. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with some random veggies that I liked, 24oz of water, maybe a cup of oatmeal with cinnamon and raisins.

Lunch: grilled chicken breast or hamburger patty with a potato or rice and a green vegetable like broccoli or asparagus

Dinner: choice between grilled chicken breast, steak, grilled shrimp, or a piece of grilled fish. I also have a large portion of steamed vegetables (not canned). I love to add avocados so I almost always have at least one a day.

Between Meals: between meals if I get hungry I drink a protein shake with water. After I workout, I always drink a protein shake and add in some vitamin powder, Superfoods, and post workout supplements so I get everything I packed into a single shaker….simple! Before Bed: If I am hungry, I will eat a few hard-boiled eggs. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is about counting calories and portion sizes. My answer is quite simple and usually gets an interesting response, “I eat as much as I want!” My philosophy is eating until you are full; don’t worry about eating too much. If you are always walking around hungry, you are destined to fail. So long as you are eating healthy, natural, nutrient dense foods, your body will respond in an overwhelmingly positive way, mine sure did!

If you practice these principles and maintain a consistent healthy diet, you can literally indulge at the next holiday gathering and smile as you eat whatever the f*ck you want!


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