Shocking Report: Drug Deaths Hit Record Levels In UK

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Drug-related deaths are reportedly reaching record levels in the United Kingdom and Wales

People are blaming the UK’s prime minister for these statistics.

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), up to 3,674 deaths as a result of legal and illegal substances were recorded in the UK and Wales in 2015. That figure is 328 deaths greater than 2014 statistics, which stood at 3,346. This is the highest number of recorded deaths since the ONS started keeping records of drug-related deaths in 1993.

The exact causes of this increase may be difficult to identify, but pundits are already pointing fingers at Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, who they think was “tough on drugs” while serving as home secretary. According to these experts, her strategy did not recognize the fact that better practices in drug treatment were needed to keep people from dying. Today, Britain is facing the consequences.

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Illegal drugs kill more

According to statistics, 67 percent of people who died as a result of drug consumption in 2015 consumed illegal drugs only. That’s 10 percent more than what was observed the previous year. It is also the third consecutive year the figure has increased.

Up to 1,201 people died as a result of heroin and/or morphine consumption, while cocaine recorded some 320 casualties; about a 30 percent increase from the 2014 figures that stood at 247.


The prime minister is blamed

According to Niamh Eastwood, executive director of Release, an organization that serves as the national center of expertise on drugs and drug law, “The Home Office’s pursuit of a ‘tough on drugs’ strategy and refusal to acknowledge the evidence for best practice in drug treatment is quite literally killing people.”

Martin Powell of the Transform Drug Policy Foundation meanwhile, said: “The Home Office – under Theresa May’s watch – is responsible for the highest number of drug deaths ever recorded… She knows, from countless studies, what keeps communities safe, and it isn’t driving people away from help and into the hands of criminals. It is responsible reforms that take the drug market away from dealers, and puts it into the hands of doctors and pharmacists.”

Another strong critic of the UK government is Rose Humphries, of Anyone’s Child Families for Safer Drug Control Group. Humphries lost her sons Roland and Jake to heroin when they were just 23 and 37, respectively.

“Bitter experience has taught us that the current drugs policy doesn’t work,” she said. “It didn’t protect my children and it probably won’t protect yours. If heroin had been legally regulated, when my son relapsed he could have had access to a clinic with a safe dose and counseling.”

These statistics were released by an independent group of experts. They paint a true picture of how drugs destroy the lives of hundreds of UK residents, and millions more around the world, each year.

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