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Meth actually changes the
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Meth Addiction: There’s Great Hope

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When basic human needs like food, sex, and thirst are satisfied, our brains release dopamine–stimulating the pleasure center. Meth (methamphetamine) activates that same system, causing a rush of pleasure that artificially rewards the user with a prolonged high.

The first meth high can be intense–and short-lived. As the flood of dopamine recedes from the brain, it results in an emotional crash that causes depression, fear, insomnia, and paranoia. This binge-and-crash cycle can drive users to take more and more of the drug as they seek out the effects of the initial high. This is called chasing the high –and results in surprisingly rapid addiction. According to a 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 1.6 million people reported using methamphetamine in the U.S.

The first step is diagnosis.

We invite you to take our test –and determine whether or not you’ve got an issue. If you do, read on, and consider contacting us to guide you through steering your life back to normal.

Meth Addiction: Signs, Symptoms, and Effects

  1. Abnormally high levels of energy.
  2. Abrasions on skin.
  3. Blackening of teeth.
  1. Sleeplessness.
  2. Nervous twitching.


Abnormally high levels of energy.


Abrasions on skin.


Blackening of teeth.




Nervous twitching.

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12-step support groups for after-treatment can be very effective for your sober recovery. Because they are composed entirely of recovering addicts, you’ll find the honesty, courage, and support you need to continue in your rehabilitation. Also, these groups are free and universally available.


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