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How a Shopping Addiction Can
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Why is Shopping So Addicting?

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Everybody shops. Tireless advertising creates a consumerist culture leading you to believe you have to have that one thing everyone else has already bought – and you have to have it now. This normalizes unnecessary spending, making compulsive buying – shopping addiction – the most socially acceptable addiction out there. The cause of this kind of dependence goes deeper than wanting to have all the latest merchandise, though. It can negatively impact your life in more ways than one – but there is hope.

People with shopping addictions tend to spend more money than they can afford, leading to financial troubles for themselves and their families. This kind of addiction can also strain relationships, as a person might repeatedly ask a friend for money they are unable to pay back. Shopping also takes time – time away from friends and family, and possibly even work. There’s also the matter of “stuff” – it’s difficult to hide a shopping addiction from roommates, partners and spouses, as someone addicted to shopping may also feel attached to the things they buy, which can start to take up all the space in their homes.

The first step is diagnosis.

We invite you to take our test –and determine whether or not you’ve got an issue. If you do, read on, and consider contacting us to guide you through steering your life back to normal.

Shopping Addiction: Underlying Causes

  1. Spending more than one can afford.
  2. Shopping as a reaction to feeling angry or depressed.
  3. Shopping as a way to feel less guilty about a previous shopping spree.
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  1. Harming relationships due to spending or shopping too much.
  2. Losing control of the shopping behavior.
RR 1 Залежність від покупок


Spending more than one can afford.


Shopping as a reaction to feeling angry or depressed.


Shopping as a way to feel less guilty about a previous shopping spree.


Harming relationships due to spending or shopping too much.


Losing control of the shopping behavior.

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Recovering from Shopping Addiction

You might benefit from both financial and behavioral therapy and counseling if you feel you cannot control your spending. Getting help managing your money, changing your behavior and discussing emotional and other problems with a licensed professional can help you regain control of your life, your relationships and your happiness.

Gathering continued support from friends and family can also help you maintain a healthy relationship with shopping. It’s OK to ask a family member to do some of your shopping for you when you’re unsure if you can handle it. Explain the situation, and they will be glad to help.


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