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When asked by reporters why he was running across the United States, Forrest Gump replied “I just felt like running”

Three months are in the books. More than 2,000 miles behind him. This is the fourth month we’ve tracked Chris from where he started on the east coast, Liberty Park, New Jersey to be exact. He’s a former school teacher, a runner, of course, a really nice guy, 30 years old and he is extraordinary.

7 days a week, Chris runs a marathon. There are no fans except is cousin Mike, no ticker Run!

tape and he doesn’t wear a number. He’s usually in the middle of nowhere. He’s now about three quarters of the way across America, and, as we interviewed Chris, he was running over the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

People don’t believe it’s possible. Runners don’t believe it’s possible. When we told another marathoner who just ran the New York marathon, they literally didn’t believe us. Said it wasn’t possible. They know what it takes to run 26 miles in a day. Chris does this every day. Yes, he is “Super Human”. He’s becoming part of an elite club of runners. He thinks there are only about 500 runners who have done what he’s now about half way done with. You see, …

Chris is running across the entire United States.

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Every single day, now for more than 2,000 consecutive miles, Chris runs a marathon or more. Running between 20 to 40 miles, pretty much in complete solitude, every single day. Sometimes he runs it pitch darkness. He’s run from
Liberty Park New Jersey to Colorado so far in over 90 days.


Why is he doing this and why should you, our sober, or want to be sober readers, care about a guy you’ve never heard of before running across America?

It’s not about fame. It’s certainly not about fortune. He’s not trying to prove anything to anyone other than himself, that he can do it. Every place he goes, he has one conversation with the people he meets. He talks about how addiction has effected their lives. He asks people if they have family members in recovery. Chris has a close family member in recovery now and this run is to inspire them to do what some times seems impossible. To live sober.

He’s running to bring hope. He’s running because he cares.

This is the fourth installment of “Hope Across the Country”. We’ve followed him from his first day we’ll continue to track Chris on this inspiring, super human feat until he takes his last steps to complete the journey.

He started Monday July 17th, 2017 in New Jersey and he hasn’t stopped. We caught up to Chris on the road in a small town in rural Colorado. He’s just started running over the Rocky Mountains and he’ll be doing this incredible segment, in late October mind you, for the next 8 days. He thinks he’ll be at his destination of Venice Beach California by early December.


This is Part 4 of Hope Across American. Enjoy and be inspired. He’s almost done!

Chris Miller is a marathon runner from Fort Wayne, Indiana. After school, he joined the US Peace Corps and served in both Honduras and Colombia. Once that service was completed, he moved to Spain to teach in Madrid, where he earned a Masters Degree in Spanish at the Universidad de Alcalá, and has lived for the past several years.

Upon his return to America, he needed a new adventure. That’s when he found a 2013 Outside Magazine article titled “How To Run Across America”.

Light bulb.

Growing up, Chris and his dad would take long bike rides through the cornfields of Indiana, and daydream about cycling across the nation. While cycling was always his dad’s passion, running was Chris’s. He’s run marathons across Europe since moving abroad, and regularly trains with 14-20 milers each day.

Chris Cross The Nation was born from a letter from Chris to his cousin, Mike. In it, Chris asked for help creating a campaign around his run across America – a campaign that could make real difference in local communities by promoting awareness about drug and alcohol addiction and long-term recovery in America. Chris and Mike both have loved ones and friends who struggle with addiction and are in long-term recovery. It’s an issue which is always near.

Neither Chris nor Mike are doctors or therapists, their not addiction experts, their not even recovering addicts. But they know them. Like so many of us, ‘they’ve seen it”. They know it. They know the effect of the stigma. They know addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. They know it’s not a choice. They know those struggling aren’t bad people, they’re not people who can just turn it off. They understand this … is a disease.

But what if they could help change the stigma, even a little? What if they heard and shared stories of hope, not horror?

Throughout Chris’s run across America, he’ll have a support team following him and living out of an RV. That team doubles as a documentary team, filming his journey along with the people and places he encounters along the way. From that, they hope to hear a collection of stories. Some happy, some tragic, but all with the goal of showing the positive side of recovery. Hope. New life. Rebuilding. Thriving.

At the end of the day, if culture can rally around
the idea of support and encouragement for those struggling or in recovery, maybe they can influence the other things. Maybe laws could change. Maybe people wouldn’t be ashamed to seek help. Maybe we’d all just be a bit kinder to each other.

It’s not about the 3,000 miles it’ll take to run across America. It’s about inspiring any one person to take one step.

Run Chris Run!


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