Chaka Khan Enters Rehab for Prescription Medication Addiction

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Chaka Khan

Grammy award-winning artist Chaka Khan had to postpone all performances scheduled for this past July due to her entrance into a drug rehabilitation program. She has been taking prescription pain medications for a while and has been severely affected by the damage caused by drugs which have not only ruined her personal life, but also changed her professional career.

By checking into a rehabilitation program, Khan will be able to revitalize her life and bring herself toward psychosocial normalcy and building sobriety into her life. She wants to let people know about her constant struggle with addiction through her check into the drug rehab program. She wants to get quick recovery for herself as well as for the people who are drug addicted around her.  She encourages people to stop using drugs and ruining their lives.

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According to Khan’s representatives, her entry into the rehab program is proof of her not liking herself as an addictive person. She wants to bring a change in the addiction circle of the society by educating them on not to use drugs for self-satisfaction and convincing them to live a normal healthy life.

She will be taking rehab services and aftercare program to bring a new energy to her life. There are thousands of people who have been caught in this damaging habit of taking prescription pain medications and drugs and want to get rid of them. The drug rehab programs are the best for them to help them get recovered, rehabilitated and empowered through aftercare facilities.  This will not only glorify their lives but also enable them to live a sober life which will ultimately make them successful in their professional careers.


Khan is on her way to becoming a healthy person, not for herself but for her fans. She will be a role model for thousands of people who are struggling to overcome drug addiction by utilizing the services provided by rehabilitation programs.

Has she opened a new page of the book of her life? Yes! She has planned to rejuvenate herself and clean up from the most injurious drugs which she has been taking for a while. She encourages others to do the same.

Are you or a loved one suffering from addiction? Start the process today and get the professional help needed to overcome it.


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