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According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one out of every five adult Americans will experience some form of mental illness in a given year. One of every 25 adults will suffer from a mental illness that interferes with their major life activities.

Approximately 43.8 million adults are suffering from some sort of mental illness that affects their daily life, and it’s no surprise that this includes many people in the public eye. Many celebrities are opening up about living with mental illness, shedding light and bringing awareness to the significance of mental illness in our society among a variety of populations.

Demi Lovato

demi lovato

Image Source: Cincinnati Versus Everyone

Singer and actress Demi Lovato has been a huge frontrunner for mental illness awareness in recent years. Diagnosed with depression and a history of an eating disorder, Lovato stated “I cannot tell you I haven’t thrown up since treatment – I cannot tell you I have not cut myself since treatment,” she told Lovato has become an advocate and voice for those who struggle with mental illness.

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J.K. Rowling

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Image Source: Business Insider

Another person who does not shy away from speaking about their experiences with mental illness author J.K. Rowling, who told the Associated Press, “I went through a really tough time, and I am quite proud that I got out of it.”

Russel Brand

russel brand

Image Source: Huffington Post

Comedian Russel Brand is even open about his struggles with bulimia, proving that mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of. He told The Guardian, “It was realty unusual in boys, quite embarrassing. But I found it euphoric.” This further signifies the need to seek help, even when you are feeling isolated and embarrassed. You are not alone.


It is important to remember that mental illness is not biased when it comes to who it affects. The average person as well as celebrities and those in the public eye can suffer from mental illness.

Celebrities have an opportunity to use their spotlight as a platform to speak on the effect of mental illness on their lives, and they can encourage people to seek treatment and help. Those dealing with mental illness can feel less alone – since mental illness does not discriminate against fortune and fame.

Depression, anxiety, or whatever is putting a damper on you – it is important to get help and start living a full life again. There is life beyond mental illness; don’t dim your limelight.

Did you know an addiction can be caused by a mental disorder?

One of the primary reasons that mental disorders and substance abuse so often go hand-in-hand is that drugs and alcohol can provide an escape from the pressures of mental health problems. Self-medicating is surprisingly common: you’re not alone.

But unlike real, effective, long-term solutions, such as medication and detoxification in a treatment center, drugs and alcohol won’t amount to effective treatment.

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