Can We Accelerate Recovery Through Biotechnology?

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Treatment centers, of course, segment care for alcoholism, opiates, meth amphetamines, cocaine, etc.

Detox for each is different and Inpatient care is very specific in what is referred to as dual diagnosis through individual psychotherapy. Each patient may have different underlying psychological issues which could have contributed to their addiction and probably need to be addressed. However, now, through new breakthroughs in technology, we’re able to zero in on each individual patient at the molecular level and truly provided customized care.

In 2003, two years ahead of schedule, scientists announced that the human genome had been sequenced with an accuracy of 99.99 per cent. It was described as “the end of the beginning.” Our genes are the building blocks of everything which makes us unique. They’re a blueprint for our cells to follow as your body constantly rebuilds itself.

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As a result of these and other exciting, recent technological break throughs, new testing in “toxicology”, “bloodwork” and “genetics” have opened a door to an exciting new dimension in health care and preventative healthcare which now take care takers far beyond guesses and mostly likely scenarios for individual patients, instead, now providing concrete information about exactly, molecularly, which therapies each individual patient will best respond to as well as which to avoid.

According to Syncier Biotech, these breakthroughs literally mean, for those suffering addiction and wanting a life of sobriety, if their treatment center, doctor or therapist uses this this new technology and the individual patient data it provides, the patient can recover faster and achieve a longer lasting sobriety.

The net effect, of course, can have major ramifications, first and foremost a healthier, happier patient as well as reduced time, cost and severity of treatment needed. It’s the ultimate winwin-win for the patient, the care
provider as well as their insurance carrier.

In this exclusive interview we spoke with Syncier BioTech CEO, Ron Pope, Chief Science Officer Samraat Chhibber and General Counsel, Brian Richmond to discuss this new frontier of healthcare and what it means to those suffering addiction.

You’ll find this interview exciting, particularly if you provide care or want the best possible care for your self or loved one suffering addiction. Enjoy


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