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Root Causes of Addiction (They May Surprise You)

Addiction is like an invasive weed: It must be rooted out, to be fully destroyed. By simply pulling the leaves, we leave the roots intact which allows the weed to redevelop. In the same way, addiction is much more likely to reoccur if the recovery process is superficial, dealing only with the physical aspects of abstinence and withdrawal. To adequately eradicate addiction, it must be stopped at the root, and understanding the root cause of addiction is the first step to recovering.Generally speaking, addiction produces the release of dopamine – a naturally-occurring neurotransmitter in the brain. It sends a “reward” signal to the brain that makes us feel good by providing a feeling of pleasure and motivation. Unfortunately, chemicals like drugs, cigarettes,…

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Are You a Workaholic, or Just a Hard Worker?

Could there really be a respectable addiction? Work. We all do it, we all need it. Working a lot, or being labeled a “workaholic,” has been seemingly glamorized in our...

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