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Do You Know the Symptoms of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is often treated differently than drug or alcohol addictionPeople assume it isn’t a real condition but an excuse for inappropriate behavior. While some people may use the disorder as a license for their behaviors, most addicts understand that the condition is real and one they cannot overcome on their own.People with a sex addiction are often adept at hiding their condition from others, including the people they work with as well as family and friends. However, sex addiction will most likely interfere with their daily lives if left untreated.[ignoresymptoms]Symptoms to RecognizeIf you know someone who you think may be a sex addict, you will want to look for the following symptoms. If you happen to be the person…

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Harvey Weinstein Enters Treatment Facility for Sex Addiction

Weinstein’s decision to seek inpatient care couldn’t come soon enough and may be life saving Entertainment mogul, Harvey Weinstein, already fired from The Weinstein Company after reports surfaced accusing him...

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Why People Have a Hard Time Accepting the LGBT Community

The past few years have been monumental in the favor of gay rights In 2015 the Supreme Court made same-sex marriage legal across the United States – a major milestone...

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What People Need to Understand about Sex Addiction

Many people seem not to fully understand what sex addiction is, or do not believe that it is a real problem Are you one of those who do not believe...

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Sharon Osbourne Claims Ozzy Osbourne Has a Sex Addiction

Image Source: Today Pop Culture Sharon Osbourne has revealed that her husband Ozzy has admitted to having a sex addiction, and that he has cheated on her with five women in five different...

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New Memoir Tells How Jenifer Lewis Battled Sex Addiction and Mental Illness

Dealing with the Crash New Memoir Tells How Jenifer Lewis Battled Sex Addiction and Mental Illness Actress Jenifer Lewis recently wrote a memoir telling all about her addiction to sex...

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Hollywood Knew of Harvey Weinstein’s Sex Addiction Claims Screenwriter

He goes on to say that “Everybody f****** knew”  three times on a his Facebook diatribe While most of the industry is saying that were blindsided by these allegations, screenwriter...

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