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Change Your Energy Open Your Heart and Your Life Will Change

The story of My Sacred Warrior Shield by Temple HayesEach time I had a deep fear or a thought of danger, I was to hold up this shield, and it would deflect and dissipate the energy. I went into a deep meditation and asked what symbol I needed in order to face, change, and transcend my experiences with fear. The image appeared to me in a few seconds, and when I came back from the meditation I drew it on a piece of paper.What came to me was a symbol of the outer shell of a heart held by my hands at each side. When I was alone, I would hold this shield up physically, as if I were holding…

Temple Hayes

Parenting 101: How to Support a Child After Rehab

How Children Develop Addictions When your child has developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may struggle with how to respond. Is this behavior that should be punished? How...

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7 Daily Routines to Stay Healthy & Happy in Sobriety

These daily routine tips will improve your quality of life and help keep you healthy and happy Early addiction recovery can be a foreign and overwhelming process as you ease...

RecoveryRehabs Editorial

Time For Honesty: Admitting Your Addiction

Addiction is an attempt to overcome a perceived weakness It is a way to avoid some kind of pain that you don’t want to face. Most people who have addictions...

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One Thing It’s Never Too Late to Do!

Too Old To Quit Bad Habits? When it comes to quitting bad habits, most of us are quite adept at conjuring up acceptable excuses for putting off what we know...

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Root Causes of Addiction (They May Surprise You)

Addiction is like an invasive weed: It must be rooted out, to be fully destroyed. By simply pulling the leaves, we leave the roots intact which allows the weed to...

RecoveryRehabs Editorial

What You Should (And Shouldn’t) Pack For Rehab

Photo by Erol Ahmed Making the decision to go to rehab is the most important decision you could make in your life right now. It is a difficult but imperative step...

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Understanding Addiction and the Simplicity of Cure

Drug addicts, alcoholics, bulimics, shopaholics, workaholics all of them possess few common traits and the addiction comes up as part of the coping mechanism Addiction is a psychological trait that...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Cigarettes

Did the e-cigarettes live up to the advertising claims that made them so attractive? Let’s take a look The Good News When the vaping devices first appeared on the scene,...

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