[viral video] The Pros and Cons of Black Friday: Addiction or Tradition?

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You know the feeling: the adrenaline rush and desire you feel from the blaring signs shouting 50% off! One-day-only sale! Clearance!

To the average American, Black Friday symbolizes a thriftiness championship and sale scorage. To the economy, Black Friday is welcomed warmly by Wall Street and Main Street as a singular annual opportunity to make money and improve the overall economy.

It turns out that feeling of winning at shopping a sale is not unlike the sirening high experienced in other types of addictions to alcohol, drugs or even food, therapists say. Addictions can manifest in different ways, and a compulsive shopping addiction is no different. By definition, all addiction is more or less pathological.

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Keonyoung Oh, an associate professor at State University of New York Buffalo, explains “We don’t employ the usual process of weighing the outcome when it comes to the lure of sale tags; instead most of our decisions to buy something are made instantly.” Oh studies brainwaves to track subtle peaks in emotions.

The instant we decide to buy, we feel good and there’s a rush of positive emotion. Often after indulging, however, people may experience intense feelings of guilt that can make it difficult to rebound, similar to a drug addict or alcoholic. Most classify this as a shopping addiction.

Some figure that this Thanksgiving extension represents a tangible expression of what is very deeply wrong with this country: the manufactured delusion that “stuff” creates and that holiday-based accumulation of shiny gadgets paves way to personal happiness.


Pros of Black Friday:

  • Free stuff if you’re willing to stand in line as many stores give generous giveaways
  • If you are in need of something (namely electronics) now is the time to buy because consumer electronics deals are abound

Cons of Black Friday:

  • Sales are limited in quantity or time
  • The promotions may be available other times of the year; Black Friday is not always necessarily the best time to buy
  • Potential danger of massive crowds

Whether you participate in the shopping frenzy in person or virtually this holiday season, be sure to keep in mind that the real joy of the holidays derives from spending quality time with family. True merriment comes from experiencing precious moments with close friends and family.

Do you think it’s worth shopping during Black Friday? Watch this viral video! 

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