Ben Affleck’s Continuing Battle with Alcoholism

One of the sad but true facts of addiction is that there is no cure, only constant vigilance to maintain sobriety. This is the case for Ben Affleck who has battled alcoholism for some time. The popular actor has once again checked into a rehab center where he could regain his focus on staying sober. This is the third time for rehabilitation.

Not a Failure

Affleck recognized the familiar signs of the spiral out of control. Rather than giving in, sources say he turned to his estranged wife, Jennifer Garner. She, along with Affleck’s younger brother, found a rehab facility in LA for Ben to attend.

Affleck had been in rehab in March before returning in September. In this case, sources say there wasn’t an incident that led to the decision but more of a prevention measure. Affleck seems to have learned the importance of staying aware and knowing when to reach out for help.

The last stint in rehab didn’t last long. In just five days, Affleck checked himself back out. He has since gotten involved in outpatient programs to help provide the support he needs. Being proactive is helping prevent more serious issues that could cause him to spiral out of control.

The Keys to His Success

If Ben can maintain his sobriety, it will be the result of a strong support system with his estranged wife and brother. Addicts need to have someone in their corner who is fighting for them.

It’s also important that going back to rehab not be looked at as failure but rather a success in learning coping and prevention skills. Rather than waiting for the addiction to get bad, Affleck is learning to recognize signs of trouble.

Anyone who has an issue with alcoholism can benefit from attending an inpatient or outpatient rehab program. It can help them get the new start they need or stay on the right path when they falter.