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Balthazar Getty, an actor turned DJ and member of one of the richest families in the world, is famous for his acting, his addiction to drugs and the famous love affair with actress Sienna Miller. He is a father of four children and married to a fashion designer, Rosetta Millington.

Getty is descendant of the Getty family. His grandfather, John Paul Getty Jr., was the owner of Getty Oils. His father, Jean Paul Getty III, was a drug addict. He suffered a stroke because of the drug addiction, and this changed the life of Balthazar Getty. He  had good relations with his father from childhood. While talking about the drug addiction running in his family, Getty said drug addiction was a major problem his father and grandfather had.

There was a time when Getty was rebellious about his name and left home at the age of 15 to live with an actress who was five years elder than him. His acting debut featured him playing Ralph in the remake of Lord of The Flies in 1990. He became a heroin addict at the age of 17, which made him fight for seven years to rehabilitate.

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When asked about his favorite drugs, Getty replied: “Didn’t matter. [Anything] just to elevate me. A lot of people do drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. For me, it was about the search for higher consciousness.”

He has become very comfortable with who he is now. He has reached a place in life where he is not worried about his issues with addiction. Rather, he has accepted that as his lifestyle and he is no longer running from it or trying to prove to people that he is not what they perceive him to be.  

Talking about his drugs addiction, Balthazar said: “I went to a dark place and made it back, and I’m humbled by it and super-grateful to be where I am.”


Getty is also known for his 2008 affair with actress Sienna Miller. They were deeply in love and were spotted many times at the most exotic places in Europe. After the news had made headlines, his wife left him. They reunited after two years in 2009 and, according to Getty, that made their marriage even stronger than before.

It was a very challenging time for everyone, but he said he loved and missed his family too much not to make it work. He has also said his wife is understanding enough and spiritual enough to let them try once again to make the marriage successful. Life does not always give another chance, but in his case he got one and made it a success.

Balthazar Getty is a more stable man now; he got his career, working on an album and have a peaceful family life. Keeping his mistakes and lessons in mind, he tries to make his family safer. As a father, he is doing a right job to keep his children aware of the dangers of life but also allowing them to experience different things in life, which will make them stronger.


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