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What Do Parents Of Addicts Look Like?

[share]It happened again; the same comment I had heard beforeThe look that did not need words to convey the message: “I can’t believe you would have a daughter who’s a drug addict.”When I told a friend about this, she asked sarcastically what a parent of an addict is supposed to look like. It made me wonder if people half-expect me to have a needle sticking out of my arm.Truthfully, these comments or looks of surprise do not offend me. It is likely the reaction I would have had before all hell broke loose in my life. More than once, I had been on my soapbox proclaiming that if a child went astray, it was the parents’ fault. I judged and condemned…

Valerie Silveira

Why Single Fathers Suffer Poor Mental and Physical Health

In recent years, researchers have strayed away from studying the lives of single mothers, and they have discovered some amazing results in doing so. Living in a patriarchal mentality, it...

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How Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Addiction Risks

Many health problems and ailments that children face upon birth are due to the mother’s actions and decisions throughout the nine-month process of pregnancy. One of the worst and well-known...

Recovery Rehabs Editorial

Is Santa Clause bad for your child’s mental health?

Santa Claus was a real person St. Nicholas became famous for giving gifts and money to the poor. So the Santa myth is grounded in truth after all, but there’s...

Recovery Rehabs Editorial

Being Obsessed Over Your Relationship Can Spell Disaster

Obsessive relationships begin just like all great loves It starts as a special feeling toward another. Over time, those feelings develop into intense focus on the other person. As lovers...

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