Anthony’s Act (Petition): Affordable Care Act to Cover Addiction Treatment

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Affording treatment is a constant struggle for people looking to overcome their addiction. Most people will shy away from even seeking help altogether because they either don’t have insurance to cover the costs, their current insurance plan doesn’t cover it, or they or their family cannot afford to pay for it themselves. However, there may be a solution and they need your help!

Anthony’s Act is a petition created by Cris Flore, which provides the afflicted with a “real chance at recovery.”

The Affordable Care Act must be amended to provide for a minimum of Ninety (90) days inpatient drug or alcohol treatment up to a maximum of One Hundred Eighty (180) days per year at a facility certified to provide such care by the Secretary of Health of the state in which it is located.

Quick Facts About Addiction (as noted in the petition):

  • 119 people die from drug overdose every day
  • 6,748 are treated in emergency rooms for drug overdose every day
  • Drug overdose now leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.
  • Substance abuse costs the U.S. economy over $600 billion/yr.

Overdose Death Statistics (as noted by from 2001-2014

DrugAbuse.Gov provides graphs that show the increase of overdose deaths per year.

cdc-us-overdose-deaths-2014_jr-1Prescription Drugs Overdose Deaths: 2.8-fold increase
cdc-us-overdose-deaths-2014_jr-2Opioid Overdose Deaths: 3.4-fold increase
cdc-us-overdose-deaths-2014_jr-4Cocaine Overdose Deaths: 42 percent
cdc-us-overdose-deaths-2014_jr-5Heroin Overdose Deaths: 6-fold increase

There are currently 52,867 signatures with our included! Their NEW goal is 75,000 signatures.

With numbers of overdose deaths increasing every year, it’s imperative that you help join the fight against addiction. With your signature, you could possibly be part of solution and help people who are suffering from addiction, to finally get the help needed. Click the button below to sign the petition below!




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