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Video games has come to be the norm in modern times, but when is it too much?

As human beings, we all need to catch fun at some point in our lives. As the saying goes, “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.”

We all need some degree of leisure, especially during moments when work seems to have clouded our minds. And how better can be catch fun if not with video games?

Of course there are thousands of other things people can do to free their minds of some of the stress their work gives them. But a great video game will very well do the magic too.

Any normal person will tell you that video games are meant to be enjoyed by kids and could also act as a stress relief for everyone. Unfortunately, some people have gotten so glued to their devices that they just can’t do without them. They have become addicted to their video games. And like most of cases of addiction, victims will hardly even identify that fact that they have an addiction problem. So what are those signs and symptoms you can find in yourself or those around you that serve as warning signals of a video game addiction? Let’s look at a few of them.

You Need Help?

We invite you to take our test – and determine whether or not you’ve got an issue. If you do, read on, and consider contacting us to guide you through steering your life back to normal.

You Choose Games Over Relationships

Concentrating more on video games and less on your friends and especially your family is one clear sign of a video game problem. Imagine not being able to listen when your kid calls you to explain a school need, or a social problem. Should you realize this in yourself or someone around you, there is a high probability that addiction has set in. And when this becomes a habit, it could easily upset the family life you have built in the past years. At this point, you need to take measures to solve the problem immediately; at that level, you should be 100% sure of a video game addiction.

Work Interruptions

One common characteristic of video game addicts is their inability to give their best at their job site. This is because they spent the whole night playing their favorite game and get too tired to be effective at work. In many cases, such people start sleeping in their job sites. It could get even worse; the addict could go as far as playing the game while on duty. Once this starts happening to you or anyone close to you, seek help because there is certainly a video game addiction.


Feeling Depressed When Not Gaming

Video game addicts always want to play. When they are not on the game, they could feel angered, depressed, moody, anxious and/or restless. These feelings will not go away until they get to their games. Should you feel this way, it is a clear message you should be able to decipher; you have become dependent on the game. You can’t be normal if you don’t have your video toy around you. You are addicted to the video game and it is really important that you do something about it urgently.

Increasing Your Gaming Time To Get The Same Amount Of Pleasure

This is also a clear warning sign of an addiction. Imagine that you got introduced to a game and could spend an hour a day and get satisfaction from the game. Suddenly, you find yourself needing to spend six to seven hours a day of the same game to get the same amount of satisfaction. That should send a signal and the game now controls you. That’s addiction and you need to work on keeping things normal.

Like every other type of addiction, video game dependency could cause social and psychological problems in the life of a sufferer. If you get to realize any of these signs, you may want to start the recovery process immediately so that it does not aggravate to something serious. Feel free to take our Test My Addiction Assessment. Our team of experts will be ready to help you get out of the difficult situation.


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