6 Powerful Ways to Forgive, Forget and Move On With Life

6 Powerful Ways to Forgive and Forget Your PastForgiveness is a life lesson that propels you forward into the greatest heights of spiritual enlightenment and happiness. But you have to take the first steps to gain the immense emotional and mental health benefits.

On the contrary, through holding onto pain, sorrow, angry thoughts or hatred, you are energetically dis-empowering your own body. In discovering forgiveness, you not only take back your personal power – you take back your life, because when you have forgiveness, you have your own peace.

It’s essential to know that any pain, anger, sorrow or negative thought you are currently holding onto in your mind right now is nothing more than a thought, or a feeling from the past, and this is a great place to start forgiving.

1. Leave the pain in the past

Any thoughts of pain, anger, sorrow or negative emotions that you have right now can be tied to old events from the past. You are empowered when you realize that they are no longer relevant in this present moment. When you are caught up in those old stories and emotions, you are missing what is happening right now! Take a deep breath and notice that right now, nothing from the past is happening. And any thought you have is just that: a thought. Leave that pain where it belongs – behind you.

2. Say a blessing or prayer

If you are holding negative thoughts about the past, instead of complicating the matter by bringing the past into your present moment, say a prayer. Send a happy thought as a wish to someone that harmed you, release a blessing that those individuals find their peace, and you will have yours. As human beings, we all have energy bodies (chakras) that absorb the energy of our feelings and emotions, and these energies are directly connected to our physical bodies. Let go of grudges, memories and old emotions as they are all linked to your good health, and happiness.

3. Focus on gratitude

The power of gratitude is massive, yet often overlooked. Simply saying, “Thank you” can instantly bring you happiness, less stress and a sense of peace. Don’t focus on how a friend might have hurt you or something a stranger said. Let that go, and shift your mindset to gratitude. Once you begin counting your blessings, you will find more of them. And that feels pretty good.

4. Don’t bother to blame

We live in a culture where it’s socially acceptable to blame others for something they did to you. For example, how many times have you been driving and heard someone honk? One second later, you or a friend are ranting and raving that someone just honked. Better yet, how many times have you seen a random stranger act rude to someone and you took offense? The reality is that we all take offense quickly, and quite easily. Instead of allowing yourself to react, and engage in matters like this, take a step back and let go of the blame. You don’t need it! Instead, try to understand what they are going through so you can avoid personalizing another person’s actions or comments. Because the reality is, what they think or do… well, it’s none of your business. So, don’t bother! Focus on you, and your happiness. Through doing this, you can practice the art of forgiveness.

5. Focus on lessons

You may have heard this one already, but every person you meet is your next teacher. With that being said, if anyone has hurt you in the past or done something to irritate you, that story is simply a lesson for you to learn from. Instead of allowing the anger or sadness to consume your joy, harmony and peace, repeat this to yourself: “What is the lesson I can learn right now?” When you are able to step away from the negativity, you can learn to prevent those types of moments from happening again.

6. Get centered

Do not allow yourself to become consumed by negativity, anger, sadness, or bitterness of the past. The best way to do this is to become reconnected with yourself through your physical body. Yoga practitioners refer to this as “finding your center.”

Find your center with this short meditation:

Sit comfortably, facing forward with good posture.

Close your eyes, and breathe in deeply through your nose.

As you exhale, repeat this centering mantra, “I am happy, I am healthy, I am easy.”

Any time you feel stressed, or you get distracted by negative emotions from the past, practice this centering meditation. Once you find your center, you can go back to it anytime, anywhere.

Why forgiveness?

When other people wrong us it can feel powerful to deny them your forgiveness, and hold a grudge against them. However, those thoughts only poison YOUR mind – and the worst part is the object of your negativity doesn’t feel a thing! They just keep on going, without even thinking of you.

So go ahead, and forgive them. Release all of the lingering negativity and anger, and just stay in the present moment. It’s got everything good that you need for peace.

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