5 Signs You May Be Suffering from Depression

depressionWhat is depression? Some times in our lives, we may feel like the world is turning up-side-down all around us. Nothing may seem to function normally and we may feel hopeless about everything in life. These are pretty much some signs of depression except that it is normal to get some of these symptoms once in a while. We may especially feel hopeless when particular events occur in our lives like the death of a loved one, poor performance in school, a breakup from a romantic relationship, or losing a job. When we feel blue during such occurrences, we really cannot talk about depression. We actually talk of depression when these feelings hit us but are not triggered by some unfortunate occurrence.  

It is very common for people to mistake feeling blue occasionally for depression. And people portray different reactions when they are depressed. While some may manifest just a few of the symptoms, others may show forth a good number of the signs and symptoms of the condition. But how do you know whether or not you’re suffering from depression? Here are 5 signs that can help us out.

Suicidal Thoughts

This is probably the most severe sign that signals depression. There may be other signs of depression that are common with other conditions, but thinking of committing suicide or hurting yourself  is almost certainly always attributed to depression.

Lack of Interest

Every human being has likes and dislikes. We all have things that are of great interest to us and we will normally engage in them from time to time. When depression sets in though, we may gradually start losing interest in these things. And it’s not like a situation will come to make us lose interest. We just find ourselves not paying particular attention to the things we are usually fond of. If you enjoyed playing video games in the evenings for example, and then you suddenly find that you these games are no longer of interest to you (for no good reason), it would be a good idea to check for depression. One particular thing you may lose interest in when you are depressed is sex.

Change in Dieting Habit

When you are depressed, you may find yourself losing appetite for food, or gaining more appetite than usual. Depending on what is causing your depression, you may gain or lose weight. This is a sign for many other health conditions, but it is also common with depression. So if you start notice a change in your eating habit, you may want to also check that it does not occur together with other signs and symptoms of depression. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention immediately you suspect depression.

Increased Headaches and Stomachaches

Another sign common with other health conditions, people who suffer from depression may witness constant headaches and stomachaches. Depression is no doubt a mental disorder but it is often accompanied by physical signs. Constant headaches and stomachaches are some of these physical signs. Watch out if you notice them together with other depression signs mentioned in this article.

Difficulty Sleeping

Depressed people do not have things right with their physical state of being. They may spend a lot of time thinking amongst other things about the failures of their lives. This naturally will cause them to sleep very little, and the result of this can be fatigue. Watch out for this and go for psychosocial attention if need be.

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Depression is a serious problem that may sometimes either not be taken seriously or not diagnosed at all. If you at any point in your life notice some of the symptoms cited above, you may be depressed. To confirm your diagnosis, take our Test My Addiction Assessment. Should you be confirmed depressed, our team of experts will be at your disposal to accompany through the path of recovery.

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